How you can attract Health wealth and luxury in 2023


Vastu shastra is the name for traditional Indian architecture based on prehistoric scriptures. It has an impact on how we live our daily lives. According to Vastu Shastra, our homes and lives will be filled with positive energy while warding off dangerous forces. Utilizing some vastu concepts may help you attract better wealth, health, and luxury.

Tips to attract health wealth and luxury

1. North east- The most fortunate location in your house is toward the north-east. This nook promises happiness and wealth for all of your days. God’s primary plan is what secures success and pleasure in life. The ishaan cone is referred to be one of the forms of the Hindu deity Shiva. Avoid using the bathroom, sink, or toilet in this direction. You should maintain flowing water features in this way because they let positive energy flow through your home, which will ultimately improve your success and riches.

 2. Make sure your home’s focal point is neat and clean since it is protected from building and is known as the brahmasthana.

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3. The main entrance should face the proper way and be able to draw the appropriate energy. All types of energy enter your home through the main gate, thus it has to be clear and barrier-free.

4. You can position your wardrobe towards the south of the building, but you should make sure that it opens toward the north of the building.

5. Avoid using the restroom, toilet, or sink in the direction of the north, which is devoted to the god Kuber and draws wealth and success.

6. Make sure your head is facing the south when you go to sleep. Mirrors in front of your bed should be avoided since it is thought that they reflect negative energy.

7. Shukra, or the direction of fire, is associated with the south-east. It has to do with fire-related gadgets and is useful in the kitchen. It is opposed to the elements of water and air, and any issue in this area will result in losses of money.

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8. According to vastu, you must make sure that your bedroom faces southwest since it will have a favourable effect on your physical and mental health.

9. As it encourages efficient digestion and excellent health, eating and cooking should be done towards east.

10. Trees Because it provides financial stability for the home and protects the family from accidents, it must be planted in the southwest.

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11. Trees It must be planted in the southwest since it offers the family safety from mishaps and financial security for the home.

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