How you can get rid of the sweaty Armpits

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Excessive Armpit sweating is an uncomfortable condition. Each one of us wants to avoid this situation. We can try different methods to prevent sweating and many tips are there you can try even at your home only. People who sweat too much may have a condition which is called hyperhidrosis disorder. It can be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. It involves profuse sweating all over the entire body and not just under the arms.

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There are so many natural methods and medical remedies which can reduce or eliminate excess underarm sweating. Follow the underlined tips to avoid sweating under your armpits.

1. Use Antiperspirants- if you are fed up with sweat stains on your shirt, you need to skip your regular deodorant and use some active antiperspirants. It will kill odour causing bacteria and actively block your sweat glands from producing excessive underarm sweat. It will help you in getting rid of that uncomfortable situation of wet armpits all the time.

It is very important that you will apply the antiperspirant correctly so that you will get the best result.

1. Apply antiperspirant to dry and clean skin only.

2. You can use the antiperspirants at night after taking a bath or when your body is in the coolest condition as it will help the antiperspirant to have its full effect.

3.   Shave your underarms regularly as hair can block the antiperspirant from doing the job perfectly.

4. You have to give time for antiperspirant to work on your body. It will take up to 4 days to experience the antiperspirant’s full effect.

2. maintain a gap between shower and dressing- you have to wait after taking a bath  for a few minutes before you get dressed for the day. It is so advisable if you are taking a shower in a very hot or humid climate

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3. clean your armpits- if you clean and shave your armpits it will improve the excessive sweating. Hair holds moisture   and underarm hair is no exception. So, if you are facing excessive sweating under your arms, shaving is essential for you to get rid of it.

4. sweat inducing diet – the diet will also affect the sweat in your body. Some foods can cause more sweat than others, so if you are sweating too much you should eliminate sweat-inducing foods from your diet. Foods which can trigger sweaty armpits

1. Processed foods

2. Liquor and beer

3. garlic and onions

4. Foods that have a high fat content

5. caffeine

6. Hot and spicy dishes

7. ice cream

Focus on foods which can reduce sweat

Some sweat reducing foods which you can include in your diet

1. water

2. foods with a high  calcium content

3. Almonds

4. bananas

5. whey

6. olive oil

7. oats

8. Green tea

9. sweet potatoes

You should drink plenty of water and should eat foods with high water content. It will make your body cool and reduce excessive underarm sweating.

tight clothes will cause your underarms to sweat more, so try wearing fabrics which are breathable and fit easily. Iit will make your armpits breadth properly and keeps you away from sweating.

when you smoke it raises your body temperature, makes your heart beat faster and causes your sweat glands to work overtime. Smoking is the reason behind many health related  problems like bad breath, cancer and stained teeth. So, if you want to maintain your overall health, you should quit smoking.

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