How you will change airtel prepaid to postpaid connection


When a consumer wishes to switch from an Airtel prepaid connection to a postpaid connection, Airtel offers a convenient solution. Simply go to the Airtel website and search for the finest prepaid plan that meets your needs. You will be required to pay a security deposit for the conversion in the amount of rs 250.

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Follow 3 ways and change Airtel connection from prepaid to postpaid

1. Visit

2.  send an SMS  to 1900 to convert airtel prepaid to postpaid.

3. Visit airtel store directly to convert Airtel prepaid to postpaid number

1. In the first way, you may browse through several postpaid plans on the Airtel website. Choose any plan that suits your needs.  To upgrade the request from prepaid to postpaid, select the prepaid to postpaid option, verify your phone number, and hit submit. Your prepaid number will receive an OTP, which will be delivered to it, and when it has been verified, it will be changed to a postpaid number.

2. The second you may also port your number by sending an SMS to 1900 with the subject line “Port space your mobile number.” You will then receive a UTC code. Use the code to find the closest Airtel shop and complete out the necessary paperwork, which is essentially your aadhaar card.

3 Finally, you may visit the closest Airtel shop, bring duplicates of your aadhaar card, and bring your original card with you. Fill out the required application form and turn it in.  To use with your postpaid connection, a new sim will be provided. If you turn off the phone for a few hours and resume it, the phone will transition to an Airtel Postpaid connection, so you don’t even need to get a new sim card to keep using the old one.

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1. increased savings

2. keeping track of usage patterns and choosing recharges appropriately.


1. Sometimes it’s tough to recharge again and over again since you can’t dial the phone.

2. There is no option for limitless free calling.

3. You must maintain a minimum balance to prevent having no balance during an emergency.

Advantages and disadvantages of converting from prepaid to postpaid


1. Free, limitless calling

2. It is simpler to file a complaint and get a resolution.

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1. Prepaid offerings are more versatile than postpaid ones since we may reload when necessary.

2. more expensive than prepaid ones

3. There are fewer offerings and plans.

How to recharge Airtel prepaid mobile online

There is quick and easy way to recharge your airtel prepaid mobile via airtel payments bank steps to follow are as under

1. Access Airtel Payments.

2. choose “prepaid,”

3. enter your phone number

4. Choose Airtel as your operator.

5. choose the circle to which your number belongs; 6. pick the Airtel prepaid plan that works best for you; and

7. click on continue.

8. Use a wallet to pay for Airtel Cards such as a debit or credit card.

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