Internet not working properly check the internet speed Via Google


Internet speed check will check the downloading and the uploading speed of the internet. There are several apps and websites which can help to do the internet speed test Google also offered the internet speed test which is very easy to use lets discuss how you can do the internet speed test easily via Google.

Google Has partnered with M-Labs to run the speed test. By running this test could transfer the over 40 MB of data, depending upon the speed of your connection. No mobile data charges will apply. To run this test you will be connected to M-Lab and your ip address will be shared with them and processed by them according to their privacy policy lets follow these steps to easily run the internet speed test via Google

1. Open Google browser on your Smartphone or Pc or Tab.

2. Search Run speed test on search bar.

3. As a result you will see the internet speed test dialogue box. Check your internet speed in just 30 seconds. click on Run speed test button

4. When you press the button you will be able to see the Popup where Google will show the results.

M lab will conduct the internet speed test and will show the result. Published information includes your ip address and test results. it does not include any other information about you as an internet user.

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