Looking for a best kitchen chimney for your home- Auto clean or Manual?


If you are finding yourself in the kitchen and have to choose between auto clean and manual chimney i would say auto clean chimney is the best option now a days as it saves more time and more reliable will definitely last longer and less maintenance is there to handle auto clean one. When you are choosing a chimney for your kitchen there are many questions in your mind while choosing it for your own home. The factors which we consider are price, reliability, lifespan and functionality. If we talk about the auto clean chimney it is expensive than a manual one but it will save you in the long run. Manual chimney will need more maintenance and more time to handle.

Need of maintenance– if you pick an auto clean chimney it comes with an oil collector it traps the oil in to it and stops from getting the oil in to the chimney. But if we talk about the manual chimney it will not have that oil collector oil is able to get in the frame and will damage the parts of the chimney if not cleaned properly on time. Auto clean chimney comes with a button for automatic cleaning you can also clean the oil collector. As long as you will do the regular cleaning there would not be any issue in the auto clean chimney and it will last longer.

On the other hand manual chimneys need more care they don’t have any separate oil collector. You need to clean the frame and inside where oil gets in. You had to clean the whole chimney again and again many times as it got sometimes we can’t able to clean it properly need professional help otherwise chimney get damaged. So spending on an auto clean chimney is better than a manual one.

Factors affecting the buying of a kitchen chimney

When we are buying a kitchen chimney we will look the chimney size, design and types suction power and filter types in the chimney. There are three types of filters cassette and mesh filter, baffle filter and charcoal filter mesh filter needs to be cleaned once a week baffle filter needs to be cleaned once after three to four weeks. First you have to pick the design of the chimney and after that choose the size of the chimney according to your kitchen a kitchen chimney has two standard sizes 60 cm and 90 cm the rule says that a kitchen chimney should be bigger than the size of the stove so if your stove size is 60 cm you will pick the size of the chimney 90 cm.

Kitchen chimneys will decrease the heat of the kitchen as well it will also decrease the odour and grease from the air.  You can pick any chimney as per your choice and budget.

Best Kitchen chimneys in India

Hind ware 90 cm Auto clean chimney– This chimney has capacity of 1200m3/hr suction capacity and an apt size of large kitchen. It maximise airflow in the kitchen and removes harmful gases fumes from the kitchen. The auto clean feature requires no manual intervention and is self cleaning. it has sleek design which fits in to modern modular kitchens. It comes with a led light which brighten up all the cooking area.

ELica 60 cm Auto clean chimney-Elica provides energy efficient chimneys which is good in looks as well as function it comes with a sleek glass design with powerful suction system which absorbs all the gases and fumes from the kitchen. It has filter which separate the grease in to separate container and leaves the screens free from fumes it is easy to clean and stay rust free.

Glen 60 cm 6071 ex-Glen chimneys are popular in India from many years. It is best for Indian homes it comes with stainless steel body with glass top easy control button and oil collector which separate the oil and microbes while cooking. It does not come with auto clean feature but can be cleaned manually.  It is one of the economical chimneys available in India for small and medium sized kitchens.

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