Maintain Your Health and Fitness with these user friendly Fitness APPS


Staying healthy is most important in our life today. People think of different options to stay healthy and fit like joining a fitness club, yoga classes, Gym, Cycling. Due to corona pandemic going outside for an activity is little risky. So what can you do to maintain your health and fitness?  Don’t worry you can take help from fitness apps which make a track record of your daily activities and help you in maintaining fit body. Lets discuss which Apps are best you can download in your Smartphone.

1. Google Fit-it is a Health tracking platform developed by Google which can be used by Android operating system it blends data from multiple apps and devices. it tracks activities like walking, Running, biking using the sensors built in to computers. It will help you to monitor your fitness goals and weight loss progress over a day, month or week. Basically it will track your steps; calories burned distance, elevation, move minutes and heart points

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2. Daily Yoga- if you are a regular Yoga lover you can download Daily Yoga APP and can get daily tips and variations. It enables you to practice yoga on all mobile devices and multiplatform’s. This App has a worldwide Yoga Community. You can ask questions about Yoga make new friends or can share yoga moments. There are more than 100 yoga and meditation classes which can help you from all levels. There are beginner friendly tutorials which will help you to find better self in 2 weeks only.

3. My Fitness Pal- it is overall best for those who want to lose weight. It will guide you like what to eat and what to avoid. It has a database of 6 million food products. There are so many other benefits like calorie counting, nutritional information, and serving size. It will make a track record of what you do as activity and what Food you eat. Thus it will definitely help you to lose weight.

4. Jefit workout tracker- Jefit Covers all of your workout needs. it programs for body building 3 day splits  5×5 & Strength plans as well as home exercising and body weight lifting. It has pro designed workout plans + Support custom exercises and provide you flexible workout planning tool. This app is easily available at mobile and watch with Audio and video instructions.

5. HealthifyMe – it is again a digital weight loss app which provides fitness service. It is available on Android and ios. It will do calorie tracking, water tracking and on the cloud fitness coaching. it has more than 1000 activities  so many certified trainers and nutrition experts who will provide you quality guidance.

You can achieve the aim of fitness with the help of fitness APPS which will provide you live sessions with the fitness coaches make your diet chart and count your daily achievement. You have to add nutrition in your diet and remove extra calories to stay healthy

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