Maintain your oxygen level with these Best Pulse Oximeter at home

Pulse oximeter is an important tool which will help you know the oxygen level in your body. It also shows your heartbeat levels.The second wave of covid -19 has already harmed us a lot and there is indication of third wave is coming as cases of corona is increasing day by day with new variant omicron. Lots of people have already lost their life if we look in to the second wave more people needed oxygen support in this. Many people fall in to critical condition and they have to monitor and maintain their oxygen level. It is very essential to monitor your oxygen level and we have to track it regularly.

If you are on a home quarantine you can use pulse oximeter at home to monitor the oxygen level anytime. Pulse oximeter is very easy to use. You have to buy a good quality oximeter to have a constant eye on your oxygen level. Lets discuss how we can use pulse oximeter at home and what are the good options available in the market.

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Process of using a Pulse Oximeter

Firstly you have to make your body relaxed while using Pulse oximeter.

You can use it with clean hands without nailpaint and heena.

If you want accurate result make sure your hands are in normal temperature not very cold or hot.

Now place the pulse oximeter on the index finger /middle finger.

Place the hand on your chest just beside your heart for some time.

This oximeter will start reading your pulse and display the oxygen level. Wear it on your finger for one minute so that the reading stabilizes.

You can check and record the highest reading on the oximeter after observing it for five minutes.

5 Best Pulse oximeter in India

Beurer P030 Pulse Oximeter- This oximeter has a large coloured display you can adjust the brightness  according to the requirement. It offers afour graphic displays formats we can easily note readings in is very easy to use and durable. It comes with an auto switch off function which helps in saving battery life.

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Healthsense Accu beat FP910 Pulse oximeter– it is a good option in pulse oximeter. It is easy to use it comes with a medical grade silicon finger chamber which is allergen and latex free.  It has single button operating which is easy to use.  It has auto sleep function which saves battery. It is having anti motion technology which will provide you accurate readings.

Choicemmed MD300CN340  Pulse oximeter- It has a dual color OLED display which shows SPo2 levels,pulse rate,  perfusion index and Pulse bar. It shows results within seconds and very easy to handle. If there is no activity for 8 seconds it automatically switched off.  You can adjust brightness in it you can choose among 10 different brightness levels.

Beurer P080 Pulse oximeter– it is a premium device which helps you to monitor your bolood oxygen level and pulse rate. It has a free software which can be installed on your computer and you can export the data in to the computer which will help you to track your health records. It supports windws 7 and above windows. It has built in bax`ttery which can be charged with the help of USB cable.

Dr Trust Signature series Pulse oximeter– this pulse oximeter shows you real time readings within six seconds. And shuts down once you will remove it from your finger.  You can use it for any age group people it is durable as it is made up of high quality Abs material. It is water resistant also.

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