Missed or delayed period lets explore the reasons behind it

missed period

Pregnancy is the most common cause if you are facing delayed periods. You can wait for a few days if it is simply late. You can confirm it by doing a simple pregnancy test at home. A period which starts between one and four days earlier or later than expected is considered normal. But there could be other reasons as well for missed or delayed periods.

Most periods last three and five days but a period which lasts between three and seven days long is also considered normal. If you are having a period which starts anytime of the month and is very unpredictable is considered irregular period.

Reasons behind late or missed period

When you are at early stages of puberty it is common if you are having late periods for first three years as sometimes ovaries may not be releasing an egg every month yet since hormones levels are still changing but those who have already crossed this stage there are so many other reasons behind late or missed periods.

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1. Stress- Stress is the main reason behind late periods. There are different kinds of stress which affected the cycle like Emotional stress which will cause depression, Anxiety Physical stress which can be causes by surgery or infection or any kind of inflammatory disease. Stress decreases the amount of hormone called GnRH which causes to not ovulate or menstruate. So if you figure out these problems in your daily life you should consult a doctor.

2. Weight loss- if there is weight fluctuation in your body it can be the reason for missed or delayed period. When you are underweight it also prevents your body from getting their period on right time. If you are on dieting or doing excessive exercise it will definitely affect your body hormones. If your body is healthy and fit your menstrual cycle will always on time.

3. Overweight- obesity is yet another main reason for delayed or missed periods. Excess weight will affect the ovulation as it changes the levels of estrogen and progesterone which will cause delayed periods.

4. Birth control pills- Birth control pills contains estrogen and Progestin. It will prevent ovaries from releasing eggs and reduce the chances of getting pregnant if you are continuously using birth control pills it will make your menstrual cycle irregular.

5. Thyroid- if you are facing thyroid hormonal imbalance it may result in missed or delayed periods. When thyroid level becomes too high or low it will cause irregular periods. Sometimes period will stop for several months which is called amenorrhea.

6. Early premenopause- Menopause generally starts from ages of 45 to 55 but some women begin premenopause at early stage like in their 40s or sometimes early than that. It is the indication that menopause is approaching and people facing this might ovulate irregularly.

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7. PCOS- PCOS is a condition in which women faces irregular periods.  This condition causes the body to produce higher amount of androgen. And cause small cysts which forms in ovaries.

Its main symptoms are irregular periods, infertility weight gain, Acne and oily skin, excess facial hair growth.

8. Breastfeeding- many women is having problem of irregular periods due to breastfeeding.  They do not resume their periods until they have completed breastfeeding.

9. Severe illness- if you are facing illness like fever cold cough or having longer illness it will delay your periods. But this kind of irregularity in periods is temporary when you will recover from illness it will become regular.

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