New sticker feature on WatsApp for iPhone and Android is ready and gaining a lot of popularity!


The Facebook owned company ‘WatsApp’ is all set with the new update for every user using their app in iPhone, Android, and web. WatsApp has been working on the sticker application since a long time.


You must have received some really cool stickers during Diwali, well this feature was enabled last week and since then it has become quite popular. During Diwali the sticker pack was used in a large quantity. You can download the stickers from the Play store. It is same as the other sticker apps that you can download for other social media platforms like Facebook, and more.


You can download any sticker pack that you want to and delete the previous one. If you have not tried this feature yet, then you should. Just go to WatsApp click on the emoji icon, once you open the emoji icon you will see three icons in the bottom. On the extreme left you will see the regular emoticon icon, in the middle, you will see a GIF icon, and then on the right there is the icon for stickers. Click on that and start sending as many stickers as you want to. This is how Android users will be able to send stickers. For iPhone users, you will see the sticker icon right in the text field, click there whenever you wish to send stickers.


If you wish to download more stickers, click on the sticker icon and click on the + icon. After that a list of different sticker packs will pop up. One section will have ‘My stickers’ and the next ‘All sticker’. Click on ‘All stickers’, and start downloading various sticker packs. Please note that this sticker feature is valid for WhatsApp users who have updated app versions of 2.18.329 and 2.18.100 in order to be able to use this new feature.


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