New TRAI DTH Rules in 2019: Here’s How to Choose Packages from Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV, D2h, and Others


With the new DTH rules coming into force from 1stFebruary 2019, the deadline given by Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAIL) for consumers to migrate to plans under new framework has ended. Consumers who have not migrated till now have option to go to their DTH provider’s site to select their preferred channels and pay forthe chosen channels. Major DTH providers have announced their channel price as per new TRAIL rules. Alternatively, one can go to the app. launched by TRAIL and choose the channels, make monthly payment as per the preferred channels.

Without any pay channels the base pack will cost only INR 130 (INR 153.40 including taxes). For pay channel they have to pay extra as the channels.

Given below are the method of choosing packages from most of the Indian DTH providers.

  • Airtel Digital TV new DTH plans and packs:

Airtel’s basic FTA package will be available with all the free-to-air channels.  Besides that, broadcaster pack DRP’s and a-la-carte prices have also been listed.  Intended customers will need to log in Company’s website with their credentials of subscription to choose channels and customize their package.

  • Tata Sky new DTH plans and packs:

Customers will be required to take help of either the company’swebsite or the nearest Tata sky dealer for migrating to the new packs. Tata Sky basic FTA pack with free-to-air channelsare also detailed by the company. Customers having long duration packs will be migrated to monthly pack w.e.f. 1st February. Users have to log in the company’s website with their subscriber credentials or with their registered mobile number to make any changes.

  • Dish TV new DTH plans and packs:

It has published an all-inclusive list showing service price. Customer has to go either to the company’s website or to their nearest Dish TV dealer for selecting channels of preference.

  • D2h new DTH plans and packs:

It has provided a link for customers to select packs and pay what they watch. List of channels with price are available in company’s website. Customers need to log in with their credential of subscription for making changes.

  • Hathway new plans and packs:

For a Hatchway subscriber one has to go to the company’s website and enterone’s login details.  Once done user can choose between hatchway bouquets, a-la-arte options, and broadcaster bouquets. ‘After that one can go for payment completion.

  • Other DTH operators:

Den Networks, DRPs from various broadcasters, such as Sun TV Network, Discovery, and Disney have listed their price on their link. Price starts from INR 4 to INR 145. For SITI cable price goes from INR 52 to INR 166.

on its site as well. The packs start from as low as Rs. 4 and go up to Rs. 145. Similar is the case with Siti Cable that has listed different suggestive packs for subscribers wishing to pick a list of paid channels. These packs start from Rs. 52 and go up to Rs. 166. Even Sun Direct was one of the first DTH operators to launch its channel prices.

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