Not getting your P.F on time? Register your Complaint online


Now the time has come for you to let it all out, you have given many years of your life to this company and now you must go and enjoy your life as you don’t have to wake up early in the morning for your job, you don’t have a fixed schedule for 9-6, it’s all you now, throw a retirement party, go on vacations, take your family to a road trip, but wait, all this requires money and now that you have retired you don’t have any fixed salary income. Well that is exactly why you have been saving a little part of your salary every single month and depositing it with the Employees’ provident fund organization (EPFO). So they can give you the entire savings of your lifetime exactly when you need it. But what if there’s a delay in processing your claim. How long will you wait for the authorities to respond? Read on to learn how to register your complaint?

The EPFO announced last year that various claims like P.F withdrawal will be settled within 10 days as opposed to 20 days under the previous system.

The EPFO has provided it’s users with an online service through which they can register a complaint for any problem that they are facing with their P.F account. The users can register a complaint by visiting their official website  and can also track their complaint status, the grievance will be addressed by the organization within 15 days.

Please note that the Complaint will only be accepted if the complainant has provided his/he Universal Portable Account Number (UAN).

  1. Visit the official website of EPFO for customer grievances click on the Register Grievance option provided with the list of other options on top.
  2. A grievance registration form will appear, fill in the required details and select the registered office of EPFO to which your complaint relates.
  3. Select the appropriate category for your complaint and explain about it in the box provided below, note that the word limit is up to 5,000 characters so choose your words wisely.

You can also attach a pdf file relating to your grievance.

  1. Fill in the captcha and click on submit.
  2. Your complaint will be successfully registered and a registration number will be generated. Note down the registration number for future reference.
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