Now, even the animals identity will be linked to owner’s Aadhar card.


Recently, Surat Municipal Corporation has taken a big step towards dealing with problems related to stray cattle roaming around the streets, especially cows. The municipal corporation will put a tag in the ears of these animals which will then be linked to the Aadhaar cards of its owners. Every tag that will be put in the cattle’s ear will have a registered number and this will then be linked with the owner’s base card, said Surat Municipal Superintendent of Police Dr. Praful Mehta.

This process will help the team to identify the cattle and to whom it belongs and also punish the owner. Cattle roaming on the streets create a lot of inconveniences and also disrupts the traffic. As per the report, around 25,000 cattle’s ears have been tagged so far and it has also been linked with 1,500 owners. 

Dr. Mehta also said that they have so far prepared computerized data of around 25,000 cattle and 1,500 owners. The cattle registration number has also been linked to their Aadhaar. As per the increasing traffic, a lot of on-going issues have been identified especially related to cattle disrupting the traffic. According to him, they have to tag more than 25,000 cattle now. Through this, it will become extremely easy for them to identify the cattle because this will give them an easy access to the owners’ phone number and address.

Mehta also said the owners don’t come willingly to tag the ears of their cattle. Therefore, what they are doing is, whenever they catch a cow roaming around the streets, they catch them and give them a tag that contains the CRN. When the owner comes to pick his cattle they then link the tag to their Aadhar card. In case he doesn’t have the Aadhaar card, then it gets linked to other proofs like the driving licence. As per the report around 70 cattle have been captured from around different parts of the city in one day.

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