Now you can do UPI Payment with Feature phone by using UPI123Pay: Check Details


RBI has launched UPI123Pay which provides UPI Payment facility on Feature phones and DigiSaathi which is a 24×7 helpline for digital payments.

What is UPI123Pay

UPI123Pay will give users of feature phone option to use Unified interface Payments (UPI) for making digital payments. As the Name suggests the UPI payment will be done in three steps 1. Call 2. choose and 3. Pay. The launch of UPI123Pay will definitely improve the payment ecosystem for more than 40 crore of feature phone users in India. It will function in four different ways

1. Missed Call

2. App based functionality

3. IVR (inter-active voice Response)

4. Sound Based Payments

1. Missed call

You have to make a call on the number displayed at merchant outlet. You will receive a call to confirm that you want to transfer funds. Enter the amount you want to transfer. Enter your UPI PIN and money will be transferred. You can recharge your fast Tags, pay utility bills and it also allows you to check your account balance.

2. App Based Functionality

An app will be installed on your feature phone and you can perform several UPI functions like smart phones.

3. IVR (inter-active voice Response)

Users required doing a secured call from their feature phone to a predetermined number and doing the UPI on boarding formalities after that you can start making financial transactions without internet connection.

4. Sound Based Payments

This will use sound waves to enable contactless, Offline, and proximity data communication on any device

Digisaathi –A helpline for digital payments

It will provide users with automated response on information related to digital payment products and services. This service is available in English and Hindi Language.  You can access digisaathi by Toll free number (1800-891-3333) short code (14431) website - and chatbots.

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