Now you can use Whatsapp in Hindi and other languages; check details


Whatsapp has users in billions worldwide. This meta Owned instant messaging platform has so many users in India. India is a country where so many regional languages are there. This app offers several options to change the language in whatsapp which includes Hindi, Tamil, Guajrati, kannada ,Bengali and more.

You can change the language of whatsapp by two ways. Either you can change the language of entire smartphone or you can change the language of the Whatsapp.

How to change the language of entire smartphone

when we install whatsapp it automatically adapts the default language of the smartphone.  So if we change the language of our smartphone in to hindi whatsapp will automatically pick that language.

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Change Language on Android

First of all open settings then system tap on language and input and go to languages.

Click on add a language and select the language of your preference.

Change Language on iphone

Open iphone settings go to general pick language and region and click on iphgone language.

Pick the language of your choice and click to change the language.

How to change the language through whatsapp

Open Whatsapp settings

Click on App language

Select the language.

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