Planning a road Trip with kids pack these essential things for kids to have a wonderful journey


Going on a family road trip grows special bonds of you with your family. But whenever you are going out especially with kids for longest time it includes lots of tantrums, crying, fights and complaints and sibling dispute. You can have fun with your kids as well as they will get bored very easily in cars. So make sure that you will carry these essential things in car so that you can have an enjoyful trip.

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1. Healthy snacks- Hungary kids are unmanageable and cranky all the time. So pack some healthy snacks with you while travelling as it will satisfy their hunger for a short period and they will enjoy the journey while eating their favourite snacks. You can take dry fruits, light sandwiches, whole fruits, juices, and chapattis with jam.

2. Toys and Games- if your kids are engaged in games and with toys they won’t get bored throughout the journey. So pack their favourite picture books or toys or colouring books with you so that they can be quite and busy with their games.

3. Travel medical kit- travel medical kit is an essential thing to pack while travelling with kids. You have to pack sanitizers basic medicines of fever and cough for your kids, mosquito repellents, bandages, antiseptic cream with you.

4. Trash bags- kids always makes things quite messy in the car by eating snacks and throwing empty packets in the car so always carry car trash bags with you . By keeping trash bags in the car the mess will definitely reduce and you can have clean and safe journey.

5. Music- if you want to start your journey with smiles and laugher it is essential to create a playlist with a song which is favourite for member of your house including kids. Kids also love great music and enjoy while listening to their favourite songs.

6. Emergency supplies- Always plan for the emergencies in life so always keep extra water bottles, emergency lights, sleeping bags and protein bars for energy.

7. Frequent stops and breaks- if you keep on sitting in your car for a long time it will definitely arise arguments and clash of opinions with you and your kids. So to avoid these kind of situation stop every hour or two. Stretch your legs have some juice walk around a bit let your children run around for a little time and then again start to drive. You can also sit in a quiet place and have a picnic lunch with your family. Have quality time with them.

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8. Avoid going more places in one day- if you are with kids you have to consider that you cant do all the fun in one day. You have to spend more time in one place. Constant packing and unpacking things in the evening and resettling in different locations after every two days will exhaust your kids completely. You have to make your journey pleasurable with less stress and feel of enjoyment for everyone especially to kids. You can enjoy by having healthy conversations, patience, laughter and a spirit of adventure in yourself.

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