Popular and trusted Sugar Brands available in India for daily use


India’s is the world’s second largest producer of sugar after Brazil. As we all know sugar is an ingredient food found in every kitchen. It is commonly used for its sweet flavour. Sugar is used to give texture and structure to food. There are so many options available in the market who are providing premium quality sugar. Let’s discuss best sugar brands available in Indian Market.

There are different types of sugar available in the market like white sugar, Brown sugar, castor sugar and liquid sugar. There are many options available that are free from chemicals and artificial coloring. We can have good quality sugar between range of rs 50 to RS 250 In India. lets discuss popular and trusted brands if sugar you can buy for daily use at your home.

Popular sugar Brands available in the market

1. Trust Sugar -It is an Indian sugar brand that belongs to the Simbhaoli Group, which is renowned for its high-end sugar selection. Online, you may get refined sugar at wholesale prices in both large and little quantities to satisfy your everyday demands in the greatest form and flavour, they provide Classic Sugar Cubes, Superfine Sugar, Sulphur less Sugar, and Coffee Sugar that gives a sweet caramelized flavour. It is 100% vegetarian and organic and offers natural sugar with the flavour of real sugarcane. It has a lot of antioxidants.

2. Sugarlite– sugarlite is one of the best smart sugar available in the market it is 100% natural sugar which is made up with a blend of sugar and stevia. So it has the sweetness of sugar, with 50% less calories. This low calorie intake smart sugar keeps you fit it is an excellent substitute for hot and cold drinks cooking nd other kind of baking preparations.

3. Madhur Sugar– Madhur sugar is produced using sugarcane of the highest grade and using a sulphur-free technique. It is a brand that offers its clients pure, hygienic sugar. This sugar is protected from contamination by insects or other pests by being packaged in high-quality packaging. Shree Renuka Sugars Limited introduced Madhur Sugar as an independent brand in 2007. In India, it is one of the top producers of sugar.

4. Mawana– mawana sugars Limited emerged as an independent entity in 1989 out of the reconstructing of the erstwhile DCM Group. It has been engaged in business of manufacturing and selling chemicals, Sugar ethanol and edible oils. Mawana sugar is made from sugarcane and it is a great source of energy and has essential minerals without harsh chemicals or additives. It is uniformly crystallized and blends well with all other food ingredients and makes sweet dish tastier.

5. Dhampure– Dhampure was launched in 1933 and provides premium sugar. It is made hygienically from fresh farm cane through a double filter process and latest technology. it is India’s first Packaged & Sulphurless  Brand of the country. This brand has now presented the whole range of sugar specialty products like Mineral Brown sugar, Bura sugar, Gur and Gur cubes . it is taking care of all the needs of the consumers.

6. Vedaka Sugar– Vedaka sugar is Amazon Best brand which provides Hygienically packed and consistent quality sugar. This sugar is made up with good quality sugarcane and sugar crystals are shiny and white in colour . This sugar is free flowing and sweet to taste

7. Uttam– This Brand is established in 1960 and grown from a single unit to a corporate giant with interests in diverse fields. Uttam sugar mills ltd  it is a leading producer of Double refined sugar in the country. It provides double refined and sulphur free sugar and it is made with latest DRP technology and Ion exchange resulting in Ultra white sugar with a high sucrose content of ICUMSA less than 45. It is hygienically manufactured and untouched by human hands so it conforms to the euro standards and does not turn yellow with age.

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