Popular Baby wipes for the delicate skin of your baby

best baby wipes

Newborns are having sensitive skin which easily gets rashes, redness and dryness. If you want to keep it dry and free from irritation you should use wet wipes for ensuring hygiene. These wipes are free from allergic ingredients, chemicals and parabens. It must be free from soap and alcohol content.  It should be soothing and moisturizing.

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Best baby wipes available in India

1. Little’s soft cleaning baby wipes- Little’s soft cleansing baby wipes are perfect for delicately cleansing and moisturising your baby’s skin during diaper changes or for washing your baby’s face and hands before feeding. During travel and during play. In order to maintain your baby’s skin smooth and moisturised throughout the day, it is loaded with aloe Vera and vitamin E, and the wipes’ mild aroma does so without irritating your baby. the product has a 24-month shelf life..

2. Mother Sparsh 99% pure water baby wipes- mother sparsh 99% pure water wipes are soft plant derived baby wipes made with medical grade fabric and pure water that are soft on baby’s delicate skin. They gently cleanse the baby’s hands, face or diaper area without harming their skin and decreasing the chance of skin rashes and irritation. Mother Sparsh pure water wipes are thicker wet wipes free from typically used harmful chemicals used in polyester baby wipes like alcohol, paraben and soap.

3. Luvlap moisturizing wipes for baby skin- it is enriched with aloe Vera and chamomile extracts and enriched with vitamin E. it is hypoallergenic dermatologically safe and free from parabens and alcohol.

4. Mee mee baby gentle baby wipes- it thoroughly cleanses the baby’s skin. It is enriched with aloe Vera extracts that give a cooling and soothing effect to baby’s skin. It is hypoallergenic ingredients and dermatologically tested. It is 100% bacteria free and ideal for babies with weight of 12 -17 kgs. It is infused with aloe Vera for a natural, soothing scent which will keep your baby moisturized and fresh.

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5. Himalaya gentle Baby wipes- It softly scrubs your skin while moisturizing it with the power of herbs. The skin will stay supple and soft as a result. Alcohol, silicone, and lanolin are not present. It has a maximum shell life of 36 months and is specifically made for gently washing a baby’s sensitive skin between diaper changes and before bed. The formulation’s pH balance lessens skin irritation.

6. softsens baby gentle cloth wipes- these wipes are extra thick, extra soft , durable and absorbent to gently clean and motorizes baby’s delicate skin. You can use them during meal time, diaper change, travelling and play time. These wipes are dermatologically tested and most suitable for the baby’s delicate skin. They are mild and gentle for baby’s face and body. It is free from chemicals such as alcohol, colour and parabens which makes it safe for use on newborns and premature babies as well.

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7. Pampers  baby gentle wet wipes- Pampers is India’s no 1 brand diaper brand has pampers baby wipes and with aloe Vera for baby’s delicate skin. It is infused with aloe Vera which prevents rashes and redness on baby’s skin. It is safe for newborn and infused with vitamin E and are paraben free which makes them safe. These wipes are thick and wide and are soft and strong for the best cleaning. it has mild fragrance which are safe for baby’s skin.

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