Popular Biscuits available for tea time carving in India


Tea time is in complete without snacks like nankeens and biscuits. Biscuits and cookies are the most popular in the food industry out of every variety. These sweet crunchy nutty and chocolate creamy and the list of biscuits and their variations are endless. it is made up with refined flour, multigrain , dry fruits and a complete range of flavors  which offer excellent teatime variations to the consumers.

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Top brands of biscuits available in India

1. Mcvities digestive high fiber biscuits – This biscuit is created with whole wheat goodness, which is low in fat and high in fibre. In addition to Maida, it contains whole wheat’s health and flavour. Instead of a cookie prepared with excessive sugar and processed white flour, a high fibre digestive biscuit may help you feel full for longer. These biscuits are a rare example of a tasty, nutritious food. It is produced using the best possible components.

2. Sun feast dark fantasy Chocó fills- Sun feast dark fantasy You may indulge in Chocó fills, a unique biscuit, for a delicious chocolate experience. Its outside is a flawlessly cooked golden biscuit, and its interior is rich, molten chocolate. The first of the four varieties is Dark Fantasy Big Chocó Fills, followed by Dark Fantasy Choco Nut Fills and Dark Fantasy Chocó Fills.

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3. Good day- it has goodness of cashews filled inside this crunchy cookie with a taste that is subtle yet delectable. it has nutty flavor a fineness to the taste which is making the cookies a sure delight. You can enjoy the cookies with a glass of milk to soften the flavors or take a bite directly to enjoy the delicacy of taste. It is 100% vegetarian cashews cookies which can satisfy your teatime cravings.

4. Cadbury Oreo vanilla flavor cookie- Oreo chocolate sandwich biscuit consist of two chocolate wafers and a rich vanilla crème filling. It is always made up with cocoa which defines the unique chocolate flavor. This chocolate has different varieties like Oreo strawberry crunch Oreo pops and Oreo ice cream sandwiches.

5. Sunfeast farmlite 5 grain digestive biscuit- Sunfeast farmlite 5 grain digestive biscuit is a high fiber multigrain biscuit which is perfect for chai time.  It is made up with 5 grains namely Ragi, oats, Jowar, corn and wheat which helps in digestion and improve metabolism. It has great taste and made up with ingredients sourced from choicest farm in India. these biscuit ahs a perfect crunch and taste. It takes care of all your dietary requirements and helps you to stay active all day. These biscuit doesnot contain maida and made up from aashirwaad atta. They also have no cholesterol and No trans Fat.

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6. Cookieman Millet jiggery cookies- millet jagerry cookies taste bakery fresh healthy and combine the delicious flavor of millets , ragi , oats with a crunchy texture that makes it perfect snack to have around. These are made up with a perfection with premium quality of jiggery , jowar flour ragi and sesame seeds , flax seed , millet flour blended together. These cookies are made up with finest ingredients available ensuring that the products meet the stringent global quality and consistency guidelines. It is an excellent comoanion for all the chai time breaks.

7. Cookieman sugar free multigrain protein cookies- These are sugarless multigrain cookies taste bakery fresh and combine the delicious flavor of multigrain with a crunchy texture that makes it a perfect snack to have around. Our sugar free multigrain cookies are made to perfection with premium quality of ragi , flax seeds , millet, whey protein, whole wheat , malti sorb , sesame seeds , jowar blended together.The cookie man product line is unique of high quality and good value of money  it is made up with the finest ingredients available in the market this is sugarless multigrain cookies best tea time companion for evening snack craving.

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