Popular electric lunchbox for daily usage

electric lunchbox

Electric lunch boxes are a great choice for everyday use because they are portable and very versatile. To keep our health and prevent from indulging in junk food, we all prefer to eat filling, home-cooked meals. An electric tiffin can be the perfect replacement even if it might not be convenient for you to always keep a cooker or microwave close by. Find the electric lunch box that most appeals to you by looking through the whole list of the best lunch box.

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1. Jaypee plus electric lunch box- There is an intelligent plug-and-heat feature included. Food may be heated in only 30 to 45 minutes. It includes a built-in thermostat and a 45-minute auto-off feature with LED light display. Because it comes with a detachable power wire that can be plugged in to heat the food within, it has excellent electrical fitting. For convenient carrying of the power cord, a convenient case is provided on the top of the lid. Its ergonomic handle makes holding the lunchbox

2. Milton Swiftron Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Box -One of the top manufacturers of kitchen and storage products, Milton, was established in 1972 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It sells bottles, tiffin, jugs, kitchen and bathroom necessities, as well as other items that are conveniently available online or at neighbouring stores. It comes  with two 260 ml containers that are enough for a one-time meal and has plug and a double walled plate that heats up the food quickly. It has auto cut-off feature prevents overheating, hot home made food with in 15 minutes.

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3. Cello Proton Electric Stainless Steel Lunch Box- it is an electric lunch pack with attached cord and break resistant PP lid. The Teflon-coated heating base warms up your food easily. It Comes with a detachable plug that you can use whenever you need to heat up your food. It Also has an on/off indicator to keep check of your tiffin.

4. Ecoline Q4 Electric lunch Box- you can Enjoy hot food at your office every time with ECOLINE – India’s most loved brand of Electric Lunch Boxes. It is Best in Class 1680 weave Washable Fabric Pouch. It has Stainless Steel Food-Grade containers, Food Grade BPA-free lids with Food-Safe TPE gaskets. It has Heavy Duty Zippers for heavy wear and tear.

5. Cello Atom Electric Stainless Steel Lunch Box – it can make your food warm within minutes and consists of 2 stainless steel containers. This is compact lunch box with handy design it is BPA free and food grade with leak resistant inner lids.  It has epoxy coated heating base.

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 6. REZEK Electric Lunch Box- REZEK is yet another well-liked option in the realm of appliances and gadgets. High-quality tiffin boxes, induction cooktops, gadgets, Bluetooth adapters, tripods, and other products from this brand are easily available online. To keep your meal warm, it contains a stainless steel plate that heats up. It has a socket that you may use whenever you want to eat warm food. With one spoon and a bowl, it can hold 1.5 l.


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