Popular electric tandoors for your Home use available in India

electric tandoor

If you enjoy eating food that you have prepared yourself, an electric tandoor is the perfect option for your kitchen. The majority of tandoors that are available on the market are electrically driven and have a strong, resilient body that is free of corrosion and suitable for prolonged use. It will assist you in creating mouthwatering delicacies like pizza, chicken, and naan.

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Best electric tandoors available in India

1. wellberg electric tandoor- You can simply prepare paneer tikka, chicken, tandoori roti, cake and muffins, aalu and roti with the use of these electric tandoors. It will also assist in grilling, toasting, and baking. You can cook more quickly without using any oil with the help of this, and there is no need for preheating because it is equipped with a stainless steel heating element with a lifespan of more than 10 years. This heating element also has a manufacturer warranty.

2. Hotberg eletric tandoor- This smart tandoor is loaded with extras. It has a heating element made of stainless steel and a two-year guarantee. With a pizza cutter, nonstick sheet, recipe book, and glove, it serves several purposes.  It is constructed of shock-resistant cast iron. You can prepare delectable food quickly.

3. Glen electric tandoor- You may experience tandoori cooking in the convenience of your own home because it is energy-efficient and uses heating components. Thermal insulation helps it conserve energy. A power indication and a sliding tray make it simple to clean. Its product comes with a two-year guarantee.

4. Hotlife micro smart looking electric tandoor- it is lightweight and elegant looking it has aluminum tray which is shock proof and fitted with extra safe heating elements. You can enjoy hassle free cooking of healthy and delicious  chicken, mushrooms , potatoes and fish on the go with this appliance  which helps you to roast yummy dishes in the healthiest manner. It has 1 year of manufacturing warranty.

5. Bright berg electric tandoor- it can be used for grilling, toasting and baking. You can make delicious dishes with the help of this tandoor.  It will consume power supply of 2000 watt and takes 2 unit per hour and very easy to operate and clean. It is shock proof and fitted with extra safe heating elements which are light weight and elegant cooking.  It has one year of manufacturer warranty and shock proof and durable.  It is ideal and perfect for barbeque grill and all your needs of tandoor.

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6. Mini chef electric tandoor- it will consume power of 2000 watts and have elegant cooking. It is full hygienic and non magnetic imported kanthal Sweden heating elements. It is ideal for tandoori and grilled items. It is made up with cat iron and no pre heating required in this for making dishes.

7. wonder chef electric tandoor- You may choose how much oil to use and keep in any dish by adjusting the slope of this electric tandoor. This electric tandoor can open 180 degrees and be used on both sides for particular preparations, such as daal tikki, and for certain uses, such as reheating pizza without making it soggy. It includes an internal control mechanism that regulates the passage of heat within the appliance to maintain the proper temperature and prevent overheating. Its temperature may be adjusted from low to high.

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