Popular Kitchen cleaner brands available in India

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The first step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. With the help of kitchen cleaners, you can quickly and simply rid your kitchen of germs while also dealing with messy situations that are tough to clean. There are a lot of alternatives for kitchen cleaners on the market, so let’s talk about some of the finest ones.

Top kitchen cleaner brands available in the market

1. Lizol- lizol gives your 10x better cleaning and germ kill than phenyl and detergents with this specially formulated lizol surface cleaner that now comes in a citrus fragrance. It will eradicate 99.9% germs and deodorizes the surface with a fresh aroma. It may be used on various kitchen surfaces including worktops, stovetops and sinks.

2. Cif- Fresh citrus from a new cif lemon is loaded with many natural cleaning agents. This all-purpose surface cleanser leaves a variety of surfaces immaculately clean by eliminating 100% of even the toughest grime. As a bathroom cleaner, it may be used to clean bathtubs, sinks, and bathroom tiles. It can also be used as a kitchen cleaner to clean hobs, sinks, and kitchen tiles. For results that are spotlessly clean, it is loaded with only natural cleaning agents. 100% of the difficult dirt is removed without any harm. It has a zesty lemon fragrance.

3. Osh multipurpose kitchen cleaner- it is made up with 99% natural and plant derived ingredients free form 1,4 dioxane toxin it works effectively and safely across all surfaces wood aluminum, granite. It has 0% sulphates , phosphates, alcohol, chlorine. It is tea tree oil for germ protection eliminates odour. it removes tough grease stains even after 24 hours anti streak. It is allergen free mild ginger mandarin fragrance safe foe sensitive skin.

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4. Herbo pest blue oxy kitchen cleaner- blue oxy kitchen cleaner degreaser for heavy duty applications extra strength formulation with  citrus terpenes  builders and powerful cleaning surfactants. It is fast acting on tough oils grease and surface oils clean equipment appliances. This versatile water based degreaser is high performance it easily cuts through heavy builders of dirt grease, grime and food spoils and variety of applications.

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5. Mr. Muscle – it removes tough grease and grime and leaves a fresh lemon scent it leave surface sparkling clean and provides quick and easy cleaning .  it can be used for worktops , tiles, sinks and work spaces . it is an advanced kitchen cleaner which is scientifically formulated with 5 in 1 technology and giving you power to defeat tough messes in the kitchen . it removes tough grease and grime and leaves surface sparkling clean with lemon fresh fragrance.

6. Himalaya pure home sanitizing kitchen cleaner- it eliminates 99.9% germs removes dirt tough stains grease and grime.  It is naturally derived cleansing actives.  It has no harsh chemical and no residue.  It is suitable for stainless steel and glass stove tops, sinks, chimneys, counter tops, kitchen cabinets , tiles and hard surfaces.

7. Frosch kitchen cleaner- This kitchen cleaner is powerful with grease and dirt remover ideal for cleaning all kitchen surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning all kitchen surfaces removes even stubborn dirt and incrustations.  It leaves a pleasant and fruity grapefruit scent. It has no harsh chemicals no streaks and no blue stuff. It is powerful vinegar based formula which thoroughly cleans the stains; hard water stains, accumulated dirt and even removes germs from surfaces.

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