Popular Mattress Protectors brands available in India


These days, mattresses cost a lot and are of high quality. Spilling liquids on new mattresses can shorten their lifespan and result in significant financial loss. Sweat, drinks, food, and dust may all harm the mattress by creating unpleasant odors and causing damage.  An effective mattress protector will serve as a barrier or protective layer to stop any harm from being done to the mattress. Let’s talk about the top mattress protectors on the market in India.

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India’s leading mattress protector

1. Trance cotton feel waterproof mattress protector- These bed covers are breathable and waterproof. These covers are essential for protecting the mattresses from spills and bedwetting. It will completely shield the mattress from spills and dust like a dry sheet. The top of this cover is constructed of soft, noise-free cotton feel terry, and the back has a TPU covering that is completely waterproof. These covers have an elasticized border all around and a 360 degree fitting design made of the best lycra stretch fabric. These bed protectors come with waterproof air flow technology which allows air to circulate through the mattress covers which is best for the mattress.

2. wakefit  premium waterproof mattress protector – it will provide complete protection and protects against the water spill. It does not contain PVC, vinyl or phthalates. It will provide smooth feel on the top and keep the sleeping surface cool.  It absorbs all the natural moisture and does not let it seep through mattress.  It has polyester lycra casing with elastic strap which makes it easy to hold the protector with mattress. It is waterproof at the same time breathable.

3. Dream care quilted mattress protector- it is an outstanding creation that looks rich and works efficiently at the same time it is water resistant and blocks away the liquid from leaking in to mattress.  It keeps the mattress safe, clean and dry.  It is 100% breathable and rich cotton fabric is hypoallergenic in nature.  It comes with eco friendly TPU layer that makes it 100% waterproof and water resistant. It is available in all sizes and having easy application it is stretchable and can fit up to 8 thick mattresses.

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4. Avi waterproof mattress protector- it is quilted mattress protector and provide covered padded ultimate mattress protection against dust and bacteria.  It is helpful for those who has kids, pets, allergies or asthma. Its fabric is hypoallergenic and breathable which allows air vapors to circulate and repels liquids and allergens. It will not change the feel of your mattress with elastic all around the corner. It is water resistant and dust proof. It has microfiber filling for extra comfort.

5. Amazon Solimo mattress protector- it will fit in to king size mattress with thickness up to 4 to 9 inches. It has waterproof layer at bottom and protects your mattress against spiils and water leakage. It is elastic spandex which provides a snug fit around your mattress. It is machine wash and easy to maintain.

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