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Back pain is the most common problem faced by people now. If you are sitting continuously for long hours and with less muscular activities it leads to aches in back. It will be the result of poor posture, aging, injury and even stress. Whatever the cause, it can significantly lower one’s quality of life and make daily tasks challenging. Fortunately, orthopedic belts are a well-liked back pain remedy. Let’s discuss the best belts available in India.

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1. Dr Ortho Lumbo Sacral Support Belt- 100% cotton fabric that is breathable and sweat-resistant is used to create the Dr.Ortho belt, making it incredibly simple and pleasant to wear. It includes two adjustable straps that may be adjusted to fit your waist’s size and shape. It is highly beneficial for issues including lower back pain, muscular discomfort, and stiffness. The Dr. Ortho Lumbo Sacral Support belt supports the lower back and enhances posture by offering compression and warmth. It can be worn throughout the day to support the back and completely immobilise the back in the event of a minor backache, muscular soreness, or stiffness. It is particularly beneficial for giving painful muscles calming compression and warmth, and it also works to promote blood circulation, which speeds up healing.

2. kossto Lumbo Sacral Belt-Lumber Sacral belt  It can be worn throughout the day to support the back and completely immobilise the spine in cases of mild back pain, tired muscles, or stiffness. Its extensive padding improves user comfort without impairing mobility. Its double pull mechanism guarantees a secure fit and fastening. Additionally, a large hook loop panel enables controlled compression and size versatility. It is particularly beneficial for giving painful muscles calming compression and warmth, and it also works to enhance blood flow, which speeds up healing. It has a long lifespan and is washable.

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3. Vissco Neoprene Lumbar Back Belt – Acute low back pain, slide discs, disc herniations, lumbar spondylosis, muscular weakness in the lumbar spine, post-operative support, and other disorders producing pain and discomfort in the lower back that require light support can all be treated with this lower back support belt.  It is made of a unique neoprene material with advanced stretching capabilities and a soft feel that was precisely tailored for it. It may be worn within garments and has a 6-inch width to support the low back. It is made of a unique neoprene fabric that is skin-friendly, breathable, and long-lasting.Neoprene fabric traps body heat, keeping the wearer warm and promoting blood flow. This aids in easing tight joints and painful muscles.

4. PRO Healthcare Lumbo Sacral Belt – The Pro Healthcare Contoured Lumbo Sacral Belt offers low back pain sufferers comfortable immobilisation. It may be worn throughout daily activities. Applications for it include osteoporotic discomfort of the lumbar spine, intervertebral disc syndrome, sport-related back injuries, low back pain, postural fatigue, postural deformities, and mechanical loads brought on by bad posture. To comfortably support the back during extended working and travel hours, it is constructed with flexible back splints. Back pain reduction, posture correction, and lumbago are all being significantly improved.

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5. Careforce Contoured Lumbar Support Belt- You can get relief from sciatica, back pain, tight muscles, and other back disorders using a back pain belt for men. Your spine is kept secure and straight by this belt. It clings firmly. With the help of this lower back brace, you may resume your daily activities, feel normal once more, and recuperate organically. When you walk, bend, or stretch, keep the lower back support on. Neoprene and polyester are combined to create the back support belt for back pain brace or lumbo sacral belt, which is extremely breathable.  This medical kamar belt for back pain is simple to wear underneath any attire, and the breathable mesh helps to dissipate extra heat. Four sturdy support strips and a detachable lumbar pad are included in the back pain alleviation belt brace.

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6. Braceon Lumbo Sacral Belt- In the event of a slipped disc or lumbar spondylitis, lumbar sacral belts might provide relief. spinal injuries, strains, or low back pain muscular inconsistencies at the lumbar spine spinal disorders such as slipped discs, facet syndrome, and osteochondrosis rehabilitation following surgery, such as after a discectomy or spinal cord damage. The lower back is supported by the biomechanically formed and scientifically constructed Braceon Sacral Lumbar Belt. The belt’s purpose is to ease back discomfort and encourage good posture. They do not impede range of motion and permit unrestricted movement. It offers the lower back additional support and compression. It aids in posture improvement and blood circulation improvement. It has a long functional life, is lightweight, resilient, and simple to apply and remove.

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