Popular Rice Brands in India for Healthier Meals


In India, rice is one of the most popular foods, and it also has cultural significance in many other parts of the nation. India is the largest rice exporting nation in the world, and rice is not just the most popular meal in the nation. In India, there are several basmati rice companies that offer the highest quality basmati rice in a variety of flavours, textures, and fragrances. Here, we’ve selected a few of India’s top rice brand names.

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Top rice brands available in india

1. Daawat-Indian rice is sold under the DAAWAT brand and is made by LT Foods. More than 50 nations across the world are where the firm markets its goods. The array of rice brands includes basmati rice for biryani, conventional basmati rice, super basmati rice, and others. White rice, brown rice, steamed rice, parabolic rice, organic rice, and more varieties are also sold by DAAWAT.

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2. India gate-KBRL Limited owns the Indian rice brand India Gate. Khushi Ram and Behari Lal, two brothers, began the business in Lallypur in 1889. The company bears the names of its founders. More than 80 nations across the world now get rice exports from the corporation. India Gate is a well-known rice company that has been providing its clients with a selection of fine basmati rice for many years.

3. Fortune-Adani Wilmar, a manufacturer of consumer goods, owns the Fortune food brand. Fortune is one of the top 100 most trusted brands in India, according to Economic Times Brand Equity. A variety of basmati rice is available from Fortune, including Sona masoori, mogra, extra-long rice, special rice for biryani, and more.

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4. Patanjali- Ramdev and Balkrishna Acharya established the global Ayurveda consumer goods firm Patanjali in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, in 2006. The business produces, distributes, and retails ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics, and food items. Tibar basmati rice, Dhan Shree basmati rice, Dubar basmati rice, super basmati rice, and more varieties of basmati rice are available from Patanjali.

5. Sri Sri Tattva-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a yoga master and spiritual figurehead, launched the well-known company Sri Sri Tattva. The company approaches wellness and health from a holistic perspective. A variety of basmati rice is available from Sri Sri Tatva, including lashkari Kollam, red, sona masuri, idli, and other varieties. The variety of rice that Sri Sri Tattva offers is fresh, has a deep scent, and is of a smooth texture.

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6. Aeroplane-Amir Chand Jagdish Kumar Exports Limited, one of the well-known manufacturers and exporters of rice, offers the product under its well-known and reputable brand name. The business was founded in 1969 and now operates in over 75 different nations. Extra long grain basmati rice from this brand has a two-year shelf life and is fragrant.

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7. Kohinoor-An American Fortune 500 food firm, McCormick & firm, owns 85% of Kohinoor Foods Limited, which produces rice under the Kohinoor name. Seasoning blends, spices, flavouring goods, etc. are produced, marketed, sold, and distributed by it. Kohinoor sells a variety of rice types under the Charminar and Kohinoor brand names in the Authentic range, Health range, and Value range.

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