Process to share Video with Audio on Google Meet; Check How

Google Meet provides facility to share our browser ,in which we can easily show our presentations through videos to the people who joins that meeting. These presentations we can show with audio. Lets discuss how we can easily show videos with Audio to other participants during the Google meet.

1. First of all open the Google meet

2. Open the video which you want to share on another tab.

3. Now create a meeting and wait for the people to join the meeting.

4. Now click on Present Now option

5. Now select the option A tab

6. Now choose the tab you want to share it is necessary to open the video on the next tab of same browser and also not to forget to tick on share audio button and click on share.

7.Now all the people present in the meeting will able to see the video when you start playing the video from the another tab it will be shown to all people present in the meeting.

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