Process to take a Screenshot on a Smart watch


If it has the screen it is possible to take a screenshot with the help of a Smart watch. What are the other capabilities of a good smart watch Are they really much convenient and helpful in our day to day life? Most of the people have so many questions in mind while considering to buy a new watch for themselves.

Benefits of Smart watches

1. Urgent notifications – people are so busy in their lives today so may be sometimes you are in a situation where you are struck in something and you will forget to remember important thing to do meanwhile. But if you are connected with a smart watch or connected watch to smartphone you will receive notification for the same. Sometimes you can ignore phone notification but with these watches on the other hand there is no need to worry about anything urgent.

2. Health management- These watches are again equipped with functions which will help you to maintain your health easily. You can measure your heart rate and keep tracking of your sleep routine with the help of some apps.

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3. Weather update– Smartphone or connected watches will provide you easy and quick weather update while doing your morning routine.

4. Mobile wallet- if you will download a mobile payment app you can step out of the house with or without cash or credit card and can do payment with the help of a wristwatch. There is no need to carry your wallet everywhere.

5. Listen to music- Listening Music with the help of a Connected watch or smart watch you can easily stream music or play music. Some models has given you the advanced facility where there is no need to carry your Smartphone with you. They will work without Smartphone.

Disadvantages of Smart watches

1. Smart watches are expensive than normal watches.

2. They wary in water resistance.

3. Whatever data you can store in a Smart watch totally depends on its memory  so before buying you have to check the memory capacity otherwise file storage work will be challenging for you.

Major steps to take a Screenshot on Smart watch

1. Check whether the watch has access to Google play store.

2. Push the Home and back Button simultaneously. The Screenshot will briefly appear on the screen and screen will briefly flash.

3. Linked Smartphone will display a notification which you may select to open the screenshot in your preferred gallery app.

4. Screenshot is done. Screenshots will send automatically to your phone.

Main features you will look in a Smart watch

1. Connectivity- you can connect your Smartphone to smart watch via Bluetooth.

2. You have to check the compatibility of the smart watches with your mobile phones as you need to pair them to receive access to apps , incoming calls and texts and emails.

3. You have to be ensure that the operating system of your phone must suit your smartwatch.

4.  Smart watches have two types of display LCD screen Or AMOLED display which will give clear viewing and bright colors with rich images. Colorful displays consume more power than other normal displays.

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5. Touch screen or buttons- you can choose between touch screen or buttons according to your preference. However mostly people prefer touch screen designs.

6. Features- Smart watches have so many features like Anti lost function, Calendar, calculator, and integrated features like Fitness tracker. Features like heart rate sensor will show you accurate heart rate In BPM on the screen. Many smart watches come with GPS feature which is best for those people aho are on regular touring. Smart watches also have sleep Monitor feature which will update your Sleep -wake cycle by keeping a track of the numbers of hours you awake.

7. Battery life- Battery life varies from Model to model so you should pick a model which has long battery life and at least lasts for one day.

8. Check the size of the wristband of the watch so that it fits you well and comfortable to wear for a long time.

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