Ranbir Kapoor Unsure About Marrying Alia Bhatt?


Alright, so what’s hot in the entertainment biz nowadays! Priyanka Chopra is engaged to the youngest Jonas brother Nick and Ranveer and Deepika wedding news which is soon going to happen in November has made many speculators talk about the most happening couple in town. Guess who? Alia and Ranbir! Rumours are they might also tie the knot soon. Ranbir’s recent blockbuster movie ‘Sanju’ has made it very clear that he is beyond his stereotypical roles. He is capable of doing much more than what we have been seeing him doing. He also admitted in an interview with GQ magazine that he is indeed dating Alia Bhatt. The day the news was out everyone started having different thoughts. But is Ranbir really looking forward to getting married anytime sooner? That’s what most of us want to know and finally, Ranbir has broken the suspense in his interview with Hindustan Times. Let’s see what he has to say.

Ranbir says “It’s all rumours”

Oh my god! So, it’s all rumours is what was told by non-other than Ranbir Kapoor himself. He also commented that it’s all about the show business. People hear something, think something else and then ends up saying something else.

Marriage happens Naturally

Ranbir says that marriage is not just any other custom, it happens naturally. Just like falling in love happens naturally. He agreed that he is 35 now but marriage is something which should happen to you and your better half only when you feel like it. Ranbir has also confirmed that he is not ready for such a huge commitment yet. When the right time will come, people will get to know about it.

Ranbir on being a Casanova

Ranbir wants people to like him for who he is. He definitely wants to become a good actor and wants everyone to appreciate his work but more than that he wants people to like him as a human being first. Ranbir is not on any of the social media platforms and doesn’t believe in giving any kind of explanation. Sometimes he is portrayed correctly and sometimes not but he doesn’t believe in giving any justification to clear the wrong news, sooner or later people will get to the truth.

Ranbir on making a lot of mistakes

Ranbir acknowledge that he has made some mistakes in the past, but he has done a lot of good things too, but unfortunately, the mistakes are always highlighted and not the good ones. But that’s all that he has to pay being in the show business and he is fine with it.

About his relationship with Alia and being under radar constantly

Showbiz is part of his life and he isn’t hiding anything from anyone. He is a friendly, happy and a positive person. But you cannot talk about your personal life beyond a certain degree, otherwise, it will hamper your work.

To know about someone and their life is always exciting, but you should always respect that person and their personal life. Each person deserves that respect and you should too.

How serious is he about his relationship with Alia

Ranbir answers when asked “if he feels more secure and contemplates his relationship with Alia”, that it’s too new to say anything like that. Alia as an actress is a really talented and extremely hardworking person. Work is her first priority. He also said that after working for 10 years he might have started to feel tired but seeing Alia and her zeal to work harder makes him do better too.

Sounds like Ranbir is highly impressed with Alia Bhatt and we can only pray for their better career. Ranbir has acknowledged that he likes her, but marriage is definitely not in his mind right now. Well Ranbir, we hope your upcoming movie breaks all your box office hits and certainly hope to hear some good news from you too.

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