Step By Step Process to save and share Audio from Instagram reels

Instagram Reels are launched one year back and now it is very popular all over the world. Earlier people are making short videos in tiktok but after tiktok is banned in India the users got shifted to Instagram Reels. Reels invite you to record and edit 15 second multi clip vedio clip with audio effects and new creative tools. You can easily share reels with your followers on the feed. Reels offers everyone a chance to become a creator in instagram and reach a new global stage it is very easy to save and share audio from Instagram Reels. Follow the steps underlined to save and share the audio

First you have to open the reel of which you want to save the audio.

Now Click on the name of the audio which is under the name of the user and then automatically you will redirected to the audio page.

Tap on save audio button under the name of the song on the audio page to save it.

Just click on the direct message on the top right corner select the user you want to send the audio to and click on send.

You can click on the three vertical dots on the Top right corner and click on copy link option and can share the copied link to another messaging apps.

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