Steps to Retrieve Deleted Files from Google drive


Google Drive is basically a cloud based storage solution that allows saving files online and accessing them anywhere from any Smartphone, Tablet or computer if we talk about advantages we have many benefits from it like easy file sharing and back up of your files. If we are having a Google account we already have a 15 GB Storage on Google drive. But if a user deletes any files from Google drive we can recover it from trash folder. The deleted files will stay for 30 days in trash folder after that it automatically deletes from there. if you delete any shared file others can view it as long as you permanently delete it from your drive. but if it got deleted from trash then there is no way to retrieve that file again.

If you want to upgrade for space in Google drive you can easily do it by buying paid storage through Google One Plans. The basic plan starts from 100 GB cloud storage @130 per month Standard Plan offers 200 GB of storage @210 per month and premium Plan offers 2 TB cloud storage @650 Per month

Step By Step process to retrieve deleted files from Google drive

You can restore the deleted files from trash folder within 30 days of deleting it after that it got permanently deleted and there is no way to restore it again. Follow the steps below to retrieve the deleted file.

Open the Google drive on mobile and click on Trash.

If you are a desktop user go to /drive/trash

Now you can sort your trashed files date wise from oldest to newest.

Click on the three dots icon below that file which you want to recover or you can also right click on that file you want to recover.

 Now click on restore. Your file will get restored at the same place where it was earlier removed.

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