5 Popular electric scooters available in india

electric scooters

Electric scooters in India are available in a range of designs and sizes. In order to help you in your quest, we’ve put together a list of the best electric scooters currently available in India. Both new and old companies’ e-scooters are represented on the list. These scooters are less expensive to operate and maintain than their ICE counterparts in…

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Top Air coolers you can buy this summer


You frequently need an air cooler to provide respite when the humidity reaches its height. When air conditioners are available on the market, why do people select air coolers instead? What are the top air coolers in India? It appears that cost is the first and most important aspect. People who want to save money or whose budgets are constrained…

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Top Pedestal Fan Brands to combat the heat


Pedestal fans are stand-up fans that are ideal and cost-effective household need to combat the heat. It is appropriate for porches and small interiors, and it will unquestionably give your home’s decor a vintage feel. These fans are light and portable. Some of the fans are arriving with coaster wheels so we can move them around easily. It is simple…

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Popular Roti maker machines available in India


Any meal is incomplete without having Rotis, Naan or Parantha. Making a perfect round roti is also a tough task for everyone. But no worries roti makers will help you make round rotis in no time. It reduces the manual work and very easy to use. Let’s discuss best roti makers available in the market. Read More : How You can…

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Best Rice cooker brands you can use at your home


Rice is favorite food for all. It is a major source of carbs in your meals. Earlier we cook rice in traditional cookers but now electric rice cookers comes in to picture and ease the process of rice making. The best electric rice cooker is easy to use, portable sturdy and will definitely save your time you will spend in…

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Popular hand blenders for efficient cooking in India


Hand Blenders are the most common kitchen appliance which is multiple tasking used for chopping, blending, mixing, grinding and making puree with ease. These are quite handy and easy to store and use. Some hand blenders come with detachable parts and blades which you can easily clean while other s offers variable speed for different types of work. Read More: Best…

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Budgeted 15 Litre Water Geyser in India

Best water heater

Water Geysers are necessary appliance during winter days. It is quick and easy to warm the water we have to upgrade the newer and better model every year for better efficiency. We have to consider in to account so many things before buying a water geyser like capacity, power usage, heating time and the best brand behind the geyser like…

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Instant water heaters for your smart home


Water Heaters or instant geysers are the most used home appliance in India for home use. it is very helpful in winters and sometimes during the rainy season as the water is very cold in winters and rainy season it is quite helpful . if you talk about the ideal geysers which are best for home purpose those should consume…

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Check out the top Hand blenders in India

Hand Mixer

Hand blenders are most common Kitchen appliances every household have. You can take care of your chopping, Blending, Mixing, grinding and other multiple tasks with ease with help of hand blenders. These are the handy appliances which you can store easily and use. You can easily clean it as most of the blenders have detachable parts and blades for easy…

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Best Ceiling fans to Buy in India under 5000 complete Guide


Ceiling fans are cost effective and do not put extra burden with huge electricity bills there are lots of ceiling fans are coming which have elegance amalgamated with power, performance, comfort, safety and durability. So picking a good one is not an easy task . lets discuss how you can choose the best one for your home or Room. 1.…

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