How to become crorepati fast in India? Amazon says these 209 sellers became this rich in just 48 hours


“This Prime Day was dedicated to our small business (SMB) partners, who have been increasingly looking to Amazon to keep their businesses running,” Amit Agarwal, Senior Vice President and Country Manager, Amazon India, said in a statement.   How to become crorepati fast in India? A very important question that seems to have been answered by Amazon. Amazon India on Monday…

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How to become a crorepati: Start with as low as Rs 2,500 to create a corpus of Rs 1 crore


Everyone dreams of saving money for their future and for their children. But, often people fail to understand where to invest and where not. Which savings scheme will give them the highest return and which one we should stick with. If you are also under the same dilemma, then you are at the right spot. Let us help you understand…

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