Facing issue in Computer performance? Clear up your Browser cache, cookies and history

computer performance (1)

Your browser has lots of information stored in the history whatever websites you have visited your passwords your browsing history and whatever you have downloaded and many more. This data will keep on piling on your PC and slows down your computer. So if you want the optimum performance from your computer you have to clear the cookies and history…

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ViratKohli Creates History,grabbedCricketer of the Year 2018 Title, Named ICC Test and ODI Player


Good news for all the ViratKohli fans, another good reason to love him more. On Tuesday ViartKohli became the first ever player in the entire history to win Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy along with the ICC Men’s Test Player of the year too. After his fantastic run in International cricket, Virat became the captain of Team India for ICC’s test…

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