Most Common Reasons behind Claim Rejection of Insurance Policy

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A small mistake from your side and your insurance claim can get rejected. So Always avoid those mistakes which can lead to rejection of claims in to nominee account. There are specific clauses conditions and exceptions in insurance policies today which ensure that people are expected to fall ill by contacting a specific disease or specific conditions or specific time…

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How to link Aadhaar Card with insurance policies


As per the IRDAI directive, life insurance companies in India are mandatorily required to get the Aadhar numbers of all their customers and should link these numbers to their policies. Linking Aadhar numbers and PAN/Form 60 is compulsory for getting any financial services in the country as mandated by the Prevention of Money Laundering Second Amendment Rules, 2017. Aadhar linking…

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Want to change the nominee in insurance policy? Here’s how!


A term insurance anchors the budgetary needs of your wards. It ensures you and your relatives. If there should be an occurrence of the sad downfall of the policyholder, a single amount is paid as a pay to the chosen one. The single amount, known as the whole guaranteed, is a pre-decided sum. Henceforth, it is required to make reference…

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