Best Perfumed talcum powder to beat summer heat with burst of freshness


Constant body odour and sweaty hands can embarrass you this summer. Heat waves produce constant sweating and results in body odour. People try to get rid of this problem by spraying loads of body sprays constantly on them but failed. You can use a best talcum powder instead which provide dryness, does not harm the skin with rashes or acne…

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Your skin will glow with these Best skin whitening creams in India


Skin whitening is the major concern of many women in India and you can achieve the right kind of fair skin with the help of various skin lightening creams available in India. First you have to know about your skin type to choose the best fairness cream lets discuss some best creams for your skin type which are available in…

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Best Tea Brands to give you energy boost in morning

tea brands

Tea or chai is the favourite beverage of India. It is just easy to make and will give us energy in the morning to start the day. A good tea will uplift your mood, relieve your stress gives you energy boost. Different people have different tea preference like Masala tea, ginger tea, Black tea, herbal tea, Green tea, lemon tea.…

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Nourish your Hair with the Best Olive oils in India; Check details

olive oil

Olive oil has ton of benefits for your hair.  Some people use it for the skin and overall health but it is fantastic for hair growth and development. Olive oil is used in cosmetics, medicine, cooking and soaps. Natural Benefits of olive oil 1. Olive oil is anti inflammatory it soothes the swelling and redness which is caused due to…

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Best Health Drinks for kids for overall growth


Kids don’t want to drink milk and parents have the responsibility to add glasses of milk in their routine diet to make them healthy. Health Drinks are best option to choose to convince kids to consume milk with nutrition. Concept of health drinks has been used from ages to provide nutrition to kids lets discuss some health drinks which have…

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Best Sunscreens for summers to protect your skin from sunburn

best sunscreen

Skin care daily routine is essential in summers it not only protects the skin from UV rays but nourish your skin. Before choosing one of the best of your skin you have to know about your skin type. Look for the sunscreen options which are oil free and water proof. Let’s discuss one of the best sunscreens which suit your…

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What is Autism and how it affects the overall personality of a child

Autism Or Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is known as a condition when a person is facing challenges with their social skills repetitive behaviour, speech and verbal communication. Every 1 child out of 100 worldwide is facing some form of ASD but the extent of condition is varying in different individuals. Some people facing autism can live independently but some require…

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Are you a beginner in Meditation Avoid these mistakes to get best result


Meditation is considered as a type of mind and body relaxing therapy. It provides you a deep state of relaxation and free mind time. It is a practice which connects the mind and the body and main purpose of mediation is to increase both the physical and mental peace and calm. You can do meditation properly with consistent efforts and…

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Holi 2022- Celebrate this holi with Joy and happiness check  Date timings,significance of Holi Festival  

Happy Holi

Holi is one of the biggest festival of hindu religion celebrated with great Pomp and show in all parts of india. It is basically known as festival of colours. It is celebrated with great joy in all parts of India. The two day festival starts from holika dahan on full moon day and followed by the rang the next day.…

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Do you have problem of Snoring Loudly you could be affected from a dangerous disease; Check Details


If you are facing the problem of snoring loudly, feeling fatigue entire day and problem in getting fall asleep you could be affected with a common sleep related breathing disorder called Obstructive sleep Apnea. It is life threatening if for a long time it is not getting treated. In this problem a person breathing starts and stops repeatedly. A person…

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