Popular phones under 30000 you can buy in india


The Rs 30,000 price point separates the premium mid-segment from the budget flagship segment on the smartphone ladder. It is the category in which people look for phones with a number of premium features that, while not breaking benchmarks, are rock-solid performers with less-than-premium price tags. It is a segment where the seemingly incompatible premium and value-for-money segments overlap before…

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Popular Phones Under 40000 you can buy in India

best smartphones

There are several alternatives available when you have 40k to spend for a smartphone. More options lead to more confusion. But that’s where we come in to carefully examine each applicant and narrow the field down to the top five choices for this budget. We have selected phones with high-end features like AMOLED panels with high refresh rates, flagship CPUs,…

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Affordable Android phone with great battery life


For those looking for mid-range smartphones under Rs 30,000, 2023 has so far been wonderful. Fantastic mid-range smartphones with best-in-class features and capabilities have been released by brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Poco, iQOO, and OnePlus.While there are many affordable smartphones around Rs 30,000, just a few models stand out in terms of battery life. Here are five such sub-Rs 30,000…

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Popular Smart TV Brands In India


Best Smart TV Brands in India: It is difficult to find your perfect match in this day and age where there is constantly a new product in town and the concept of smart television is ever-growing. Indians celebrate their day while watching all of their favourite shows and movies on their home smart tv screens with their families. It is…

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Popular One Plus Phones available in India

one Plus Pro 10 (1)

Would you think about getting a new smartphone? These top OnePlus phones might be helpful. OnePlus is recognised for offering high-end smartphones with all the necessary features for a fair price. However, it can be difficult to select the best equipment given your budget. But be assured that you are in good hands with us. In order to give you…

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Top Televisions you can buy in India

smart TV

Watching television is one of the finest ways to unwind or improve one’s mood after a long day of work. Every household now has a TV, and as technology has advanced, you can get TVs with a variety of features, like 4K TV, smart TV, and more, for incredible display quality. Modern TVs have Dolby audio for higher audio quality,…

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Best Bluetooth Earphones available in the market


Audio devices have become inexpensive and offer excellent audio output and comfort and making them suitable for the longer usage period. Modern day audio device manufactures are readily moving towards nontraditional sound solutions which also include Bluetooth enabled earphones. There are various options available in the market for Bluetooth headphones. Let’s check various options available in the market. Read More…

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Best and Popular 5G Smart phones in your Budget

Best Budget

Looking for budgeted 5G Smartphone for better connectivity and seamless Downloads. Lets have a look at budgeted smart phones with 5G Connectivity.  Smart Phones with 5G network become so popular these days. Lets discuss 5G phones which will make you future ready. Read More : 5 Premium Smart phones you can Buy online in 2022 Popular 5G Smartphone in Your budget…

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Budgeted Wireless Earphones in India: Check Details


Wireless Earphones have completely changed the way we use headphones. There is no need to worry about the wires being tangled around the neck or in the Purse. Apart from that these buds are coming with a charging case which allows you to charge the ear buds on the go. Things we can consider wile buying wireless Ear buds 1.…

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