Vastu Plants -Bring These 8 Plants at your Home to attract prosperity and Good Health

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Plants play an essential role in bringing positivity at your home and sucking away all the negativity. Some plants bring the best of green lifestyle and detoxify our surroundings. According to vastu choosing the right plant is very equally important along with placing it in the right direction. There are some lucky plants you can keep at your home to…

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Vastu shastra- Tips to follow for the interior decoration of house

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Vastu shastra tips are also essential for the interior decoration of completed house. Some people has opinion that vastu shaster is applicable on the construction and design of property. But it is not true. If you are ignoring the  vastu shastra norms of interior designing then also it will have a negative effect  on the overall vastu of your property.…

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Essential Vastu tips for the Bedroom that you should think about


The bedroom is a significant room for everyone. This is the room you go to after a hard day at the office and relax.  Vastu Shastra depends on the progression of grandiose vitality inside a space to improve living conditions and advance agreement. Whenever connected effectively, it can enable people to live in a constructive situation at home. Welcome home…

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Vastu Shastra tips for a temple at home


The temple at home is a hallowed spot where we worship God. Along these lines, usually, it must be a specific and serene spot. The temple territory, when put by Vastu Shastra, can bring wellbeing, thriving and joy to the house and its inhabitants. Even though a different puja room would be perfect, this isn’t constantly conceivable in metropolitan urban…

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Five brilliant rules of purchasing a home according to Vastu


Everyone wishes to purchase a house that brings satisfaction, harmony and positive vibes while living in it. It is trusted that a home that conforms to Vastu Shastra standards conveys favourable luck to its tenants. Vastu is tied in with fitting the ideas of designing, optics, acoustics and otherworldliness. Given underneath are five essential decides that home searchers can check,…

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Bring positive energy to your house, Learn what direction your door should face according to Vastu


If you don’t know what Vastu Shastra is then simply stated it’s the science of architecture. The main door of the house is where everything comes into the house.   What do doors facing in different direction mean? South west Direction- A main door which faces the south west direction is likely to bring in negative energy and misfortunes in…

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