The most dangerous names to use as a password for the year 2018! 22 in total!


Everyone is connected online nowadays. We have social media accounts, online shopping accounts, net banking accounts, and more. It indeed becomes difficult for us to remember each and every password sometimes but that shouldn’t be the reason for you to keep a less secured password. Your password keeps all your account safe from the hackers. You should be ultra-careful while setting up a password for the accounts which has your bank account details in it. You would certainly not want anyone to chuck out money from your account right! Due to so many accounts, people often tend to keep the same password everywhere and people even keep their own name as the password! If not their names then they go for common names which they can easily remember. But the outcome of keeping such passwords is that we are giving an open invitation to the hackers who can hack these accounts and get easy access to all our personal details. Earlier this year SplashData, the makers of SplashID password manager, released a list of 100 passwords which were categorized as “worst passwords of the year”. And to our surprise out of those 100 passwords, 22 were just names that people use most often.

Here is the list of 22 most dangerous passwords:

  • Jordon
  • Harley
  • Robert
  • Matthew
  • Daniel
  • Andrew
  • Andrea
  • Joshua
  • George
  • Maverick
  • Nicole
  • Merlin
  • Chelsea
  • Amanda
  • Ashley
  • Jessica
  • Jennifer
  • Michelle
  • William
  • Maggie
  • Charlie
  • Martin

These are the 22 most common and dangerous names to be used as passwords. Your online accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, online shopping accounts, net banking accounts, and more can give access to the hackers to destroy your personal data and also your financial data. Better be safe than sorry. Don’t feel lazy to create a strong password. Create a stronger one which contains alphabet, numbers, and symbols. Something which will be hard to decode. Your online safety lies in your hands. You can’t get away from unforeseen circumstances but it is always better to be cautious.

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