Things that can spoil trust in a relationship


Trust is the base of all the relationships. it is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Two people having blind trust on one another is the key of a healthy relationship. Once trust gets broken it cannot be won again easily. Trust can be damaged with lots of reasons like your partner gets intimate with someone else or be always secretive in front of you. Spoiled trust does not indicate end of a relationship but it needs some efficient work has to be done on the relationship to make it effective and working.

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How you can work on your relation

Broken Trust cannot be repaired easily it depends on lot of factors like how far you got hurt. The kind of deception and manipulation involved in the and multiple wounds, ability to recognize the change required in the relationship.

Reason behind Relationship Failure

1. Promises- we always make big promises in relationship but unable to keep them. This is the main reason behind every broken relationship. If we keep on repeating this mistake many times it will spoil our relationship.

2. Crossing Boundaries- there are certain boundaries to follow so that our relationship will go smooth. If you keep on crossing the limits always your relationship will definitely get affected.

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3. Keeping Secrets- if you will keep financial secrets from your partner if will definitely broke the trust between your love relationship.

4. Telling Lies- when you lie on every moment even for small things your relationship will get affected. Your partner will hardly trust you and lack of trust is the reason behind broken relationship.

5. Violence- if you are doing physical or emotional violence it will have great impact your relationship.  This kind of violence  

6. Jealousy- if there is jealousy in small doses it is healthy sign that we have not taken each other granted but if you are over possessive and shows extreme jealousy it is dangerous for a healthy relationship.

7. Poor communication- if you are not communicating to each other about daily essentials or any events on daily basis or even kids schedules or chores list of weekend it will have negative effect on your relationship. Healthy communication is the base of each relationship.

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8. Lack of Respect- if there is lack of respect in couples this will be a great sign of relationship endings. There will be disagreement on financial aspect. May be One is a spender and other one is a saver. Sometimes money discussions become worse in a couple If your partner is not respecting your words

9. Separate Life Goals- sometimes you and your life partner have different goals for future and you people don’t have time to discuss with each other your life goals. May be you want to settle abroad and your life partner is ready to start a family in the suburbs. So having different goals in life can destroy your relationship if you can’t compromise with your goals or can pursue one path your relationship will suffer.    

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