Tips to reduce eye stain while watching TV, Laptop/desktop


We are using screens for work, Pleasure or just to keep up with daily life. Some people find their eyes dry, blurry vision and stresses eyes at the end of the day. If you are suffering from neck ache or shoulder ache all the time with the digital devices it is because of the excess usage of digital devices. We have to follow some tips while using our smart phones, laptops or watching Tv to get rid of these day to day problems. So let’s discuss what are the tips we can follow which can reduce our eye strain.

What is the Reason behind Eye stain?

Generally our eyes blink 15 -20 times a minute which spreads tears evenly in our eyes and our eyes feel smooth and wet. But while watching tv or working on laptop people blink less than half and it cause irritation and eyes get dry with that. Apart from this the background, the glare and flickering on digital screens are very hard on our eyes which is the main reason behind eye stain

Tips to follow while excessive Screen Time

We can’t cut our screen time as our work is all related to screen so we have to make some changes while using the devices that it should not put stain on our eyes

1. Place the computer screen about 25 inches or an arm’s length from your face.

2. Reduce the glare by using Matte screen Filter. It is easily found in all computers, phones and tablets

3. Always take a break of about 15 minutes after 2 hours of continuous work on the screen.

4. The lighting of the room should be proper where you are using the digital devices. Eye stain would be caused by excessive bright light coming from outdoor or harsh interior lighting. You can reduce the exterior light by using curtains or blinds and can reduce the interior lighting by using few light bulbs

5. Don’t work under bright fluorescent lights you can use a table lamp or floor lamp which provides softer lighting for eyes.

6. Always work on a latest upgraded device with latest screen resolution technology and adjust the brightness to the comfort level of eyes

7. Blink your eyes often while doing work on screen and avoid dry eye symptoms. Try to blink and don’t gaze at the screen without blinking your eyes for longer times.

8. If you want to avoid the risk of headaches and neck pain take frequent breaks while working on computer. Muscle of your body also get tired you can stretch your arms and legs, back and neck to avoid any pain

9. Consult your doctor if you can get benefit from wearing computer glasses. As spending long time on screen can cause eye irritation and poor vision.

Best Exercises for Eyes to get rid of stain

1. 20-20-20 Rule- if you are continuously working on the laptop you have to pause after every 20 minutes to focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

2. Blink more- Generally we blink less when we are focused on screen so if you feel headache or dry eyes stop watching and blink at normal rate.

3. Roll your eyes- look right to left several times without moving your head. You can also try up and down this exercise will relax your eyes.

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