Top 5 ceiling fans in India for 2019


Ceiling fans have been in India and everywhere in the world for a long time now and it has evolved a lot. With so many features, fins and other features where they consume less light, these fans are being used in many houses. On the basis of the size, blade number and other important accessories, it is seen that they have a huge variety. There are a lot of brands who have come up with so many innovations and creations to make the user experience of the fans better and smoother. If you are not aware of the recent time changes in this section then do check out this blog and read it from top to bottom. Here we have brought to you an extensive collection of ceiling fans that are classy, durable and consume lesser amount of energy.

Not to forget that nowadays the fans are coming with a low sound making technology, so there would be less to no creaking sound that would bother you during nights. So here are the top 5 fans that you can use in your house.

1. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient is a giant in the business and they have been making fans on a very large scale for years now. The Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan is one of their creations that have brought them a lot of happy users. If you have an intention of having a clean fan then this should definitely be your pick. The fan has a huge list of features which includes, noiseless operation and a beautiful glossy finish. The high-efficiency fan is made up of mild steel and comes with 1 year of warranty. You can get this one in just 2500 INR and enjoy the motor speed of 370 rpm which will be enough for you to get air even in the smallest corners.

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2. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

How can we not agree on having Havells in the competition of best fans? They are the bars of Indian society when it comes to fans. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan is a good output fan which costs just 3099 INR and you get the great designs on it. The beautiful fan has a pleasing design as well as a strong blade spin which can be great for those who are looking to wind up a big room. With a motor speed of 350 rpm, you also get 2 years of warranty in the product. Nicola will also help you save some money because the power consumption of the fan is just 74 W. This is why you can use the fan even on a low voltage. Isn’t it great? You will still get the air even if there is less voltage.

3. Crompton Uranus 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Costing 4099 INR only, Crompton Uranus 1200mm Ceiling Fan is a designer fan that will bring not just air but even light to your ceiling. There are ample designs on the fans and you can select from simple to high designed fan such as this one. The Uranus is an easy to install a product that has an adequate air flow to soothe you up. The motor speed of the fan is sufficient as it clocks 320 rpm and works on power which is 72 W. If you are looking to invest some money in a fan then do it on this one because it gives the best idea for those who are looking for them. It brightens up your house in more than one way and trusts me when I say this, it looks beautiful with lights switched on.

4. Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Another Havell’s products that make to our list is the Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan which needs an investment of 6500 INR approx. Looking for royal looking fans? This should be your pick now. Leganza has metallic finishing and works on just 72 W. For a room which is between 65 and 100 sq. ft. this fan can do wonders. To make it better, the company has given a motor protection feature through thermal overload protection on it. The fan sustains body rings and some exotic blade trims on the body which helps the air flow smoothly. With a good fan speed quality, it also has a lot of innovation in it. And all of that can be seen in the design and performance.

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5. Orient Electric Aero Series 1200mm Ceiling Fan

And the last spot is also captured by one of the inventions done by Orient. Electric Aero Series 1200mm Ceiling Fan looks good to put up on a designer ceiling and you would love its performance. With so many designs that would take your eyes off anything else, they also come with rust-free blades that will help you in getting a better air flow. The price of this fan is about 3000 INR and there is nothing else that would ever replace this one. With style, it also has lower power consumptions which are just 62 W. The number of speed setting in this fan is 5 which is good enough for you. Some of the other features that one would like in this fan are glossy finish and a sturdy 18 pole heavy motor. So check it out for yourself and then choose one of them for yourself.

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