Top 5 refrigerator in india under 25000


In the older times, refrigerators were known to be one of the luxuries that people used to have for showing off their status. But now with time, things have changed a lot and the need of having a refrigerator has changed from being a luxurious item to a basic necessity. From saving your food from getting spoilt to cooling the water for people to drink during summers. With time technology has also severely changed a lot of things in this product. You are now getting better and more options which include, 6 sense technology, double door, upside refrigerator and much more.

There are many refrigerators that have sensible cooling fitted already in it so it knows how much cooling your water bottles need and how much do your vegetables need. So make that sure you get yourself a better compressor refrigerator and the secondary option should always be the technology. So if you are looking for some of the best refrigerators in India, you are on the right articles. We are going to give you a list of top 5 refrigerators in India that can help you with better work delivery.

  • LG GL-I292RPZL frost free double door refrigerator

    For those who are looking for a fridge which has a lot of qualities but should not cost them more than 25,000 INR, then this fridge isone of the best options for you. LG is one brand that leaves no regret for the user and since a very long time now, people have been using their various products and they love using them. The frost-free double door fridge from LG is one of a kind product that has quite well-off double doors and a huge storage space which is up to 260 liters. The defrost area in the product is frost free which means you won’t have to keep changing the cooling temperature in the product. To top everything, the brand has made this as a 4-star refrigerator which means you will not have to pay high bills.
  • HAIER HED-20FDS direct cool single door refrigerator

    Talking about refrigerators you need to understand that Haier is the name that will always find its way to the top. If you have a budget of around 15000 INR then you should go for this product without a question. When it comes to single door fridges this one will always be on the top. Moreover, Haier is the name of one of the leading brands in the Indian market. The single door helps in getting a better and comfortable pull out and close the door game. The capacity of the fridge is about 195 liters, which is more than enough for any kind of family. The 4-star product has a defrosting type which is direct cool. It will give you a good time if you get your hands on this product.
  • WHIRLPOOL FP 263D protton Roy frost free triple door refrigerator

    Did you forget that the Indian market has another cooling giant named as Whirlpool? This brand is in the market for a long time now and they have been providing a lot of good products for a long time now. The 263D has a triple door feature and you can get this product home in just 18000 INR. There are three different sections in the fridge and you can enjoy having the benefits of all those. You might be able to check the energy star because the triple door fridge does not come with any stars. So this one might be a good option for you. One of the best features about the fridge is its 6th sense active fresh technology that keeps all your vegetables fresh and in good shape. It also has the moisture retention technology that will help your vegetables and fruits get more life and they would not stale out.
  • WHIRLPOOL NEO FR258 CLS plus 2s frost free double door refrigerator

    Yet again we have a product from Whirlpool that is going to blow your mind up. It might not be their best product but yes you can surely count this in for one of the bests in the game. You can get your hands on this one at just 18000 INR, so you won’t have to think much for this one. This double door refrigerator has 245 liters of storage capacity and a frost-free defroster. Because it has so many good features and you don’t even have to pay much for this, so, you will have to adjust with 2 stars. But yes, the fridge has all the latest technology fitted in it which includes chilling gel trap, 6th sense deep freeze technology and much more.
  • SAMSUNG RT28N3722UT/HL frost free double door refrigerator

    Are you already surprised to see Samsung in our list of top 5 fridges? If yes then trust me you mustn’t be knowing about this beautiful product. It has a huge list of features which includes, digital inverter compressor that helps in adjusting the melting the ice automatically. The capacity of storage of this fridge is about 253 liters. You just need to touch one single button and the power boost up of this fridge enables the cooling faster by 31%. You also get to enjoy the 10 year warranty of the compressor with this product. You get this under 20,000 INR.

So our list of best refrigerator includes all these products and ifyou want a few more lists about other products, just check out the website of Newzly and get the information you always wanted to have.

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