Top Air coolers you can buy this summer


You frequently need an air cooler to provide respite when the humidity reaches its height. When air conditioners are available on the market, why do people select air coolers instead? What are the top air coolers in India? It appears that cost is the first and most important aspect. People who want to save money or whose budgets are constrained sometimes opt to buy air coolers instead of several air conditioners since they cannot afford to do so. Several well-known brands spring to mind when discussing the top air coolers.

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Checking out the top air coolers in India is really necessary if you want to avoid the summer heat. Here are a few of the best online buying possibilities in the same vein. Look over your options and choose wisely

Best Air coolers in India to beat the heat

1. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler-Crompton’s high performance portable desert air cooler with improved water retention and 3-way speed settings for air speed control provides best cooling with capacity of 88 liters and air delivery of 4200CMH. It is equipped with an ice chamber, the cooler ensures to throw cool air with a boost of ice like cooling. With 4 way air deflection, adjust the direction of air according to your need which not only keeps the room cool but also gives you a feeling of relaxation. The air cooler is engineered with a motor overload protector that ensures durability & longer motor life while preventing it from overheating.

2. Bajaj DMH 65 Neo 65L Desert Air Cooler – It features a strong air throw for the farthest reach of cold air. It features antibacterial technology that stops bacteria from growing on the honeycomb pads and destroys existing bacteria. It uses fan-based cooling with turbo fan technology for effective air circulation. Product warranty is for a year, and pump warranty is for two years. Along with the COOLER MASTER with three-sided honeycomb pads for optimal cooling, the air cooler also has an ICE CHAMBER for storing ice cubes to boost chilling impact. It protects against germs and keeps it clean. It resists odours and provides cleaner, fresher air. Its HEXACOOL TECHNOLOGY and HEXAGONAL DESIGN cooling medium provide optimum cooling with the least amount of water use.

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3. Hindware Smart Appliances Cruzo 72L Desert Air Cooler- Its cooling pads provide clean, fresh, and odor-free air. By preventing up to 99.9% of germs from growing in the cooling pads, the Bacto-Shield technology guarantees that there is always fresh, cold air available. Hidden goods Smart Home Devices Powerful Fans are included with Air Coolers. A powerful engine and a well constructed louvre system guarantee more air delivery to chill any room in your home. You can easily modify the fan’s speed to meet your cooling needs thanks to its three speed control and included knobs. The cooler’s uniquely crafted castor wheels enable 360-degree rotation. The cooler is considerably simpler to transport thanks to this feature.

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4. Havells Celia 55 Litres Desert Air Cooler – When it comes to cooling and value, the Celia series of Desert Coolers is unmatched. Additionally, these air coolers are sturdy and will continue to offer fantastic air year after year. To learn more, you may check its complete characteristics online. You may put these desert coolers in business locations like offices, factories, workshops, etc. because they are effective at cooling larger rooms. Havells’ Celia line of Desert Air coolers is simply wonderful. It boasts a 16-inch aluminium blade fan that delivers strong airflow. It has thicker honeycomb cushions with a 40 mm thickness and is odor-free. It has completely retractable louvres.

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5. Symphony Siesta 70 XL Desert Air Cooler- Under optimum circumstances, this portable desert cooler with exceptional performance can chill spaces up to 34 square metres. It employs multiple-stage filters to get rid of allergens, odor-causing bacteria, and air pollution. Keep your windows and doors open for efficient cooling. It has a strong dura pump, honeycomb pads with a high water retention capacity, and a cool flow dispenser that uniformly distributes water throughout the device for optimal cooling.  With this water cooler, you can enjoy summer without worrying about expensive electricity bills or power outages because it only consumes 190 watts and can be used with inverters. There is no need to worry about running out of water with this desert cooler for room chilling because it includes a huge 70-liter tank and a water level indicator. The carefully made fan creates a consistent airflow that rapidly lowers the room’s temperature and creates a cool, cosy atmosphere. Its ergonomic dial knobs make it simple and convenient to use and add to its contemporary and attractive appearance.


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