Top Air Pollution mask brands which makes you protected from germs and Dust


Air Pollution Mask are important as the air quality drops due to festival season. It is necessary to wear air pollution mask to keep you protected from Germs, Dust and Pollution. The best air Pollution masks act as a protective shield which will prevent you from all the harmful particles and short and long term health hazards.

Best Air pollution mask Brands available Online

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 1. Philips Fresh Air anti-pollution mask- Philips Fresh Air mask comes with an innovative fan that Helps to decrease humidity, temperature and Co2 level behind the mask and offers superior breathing comfort. This provides your personal air purifier with 4 stage filtration process on the go. It removes 95% Harmful airborne pollutants and allergens up to 3 microns on the first time use it has air power technology for optimized breathing comfort it has rechargeable fan module with 3 speed settings. It is very easy to replace filters and provide good filtration and hygiene when used at intervals. it is recommended to replace the filter every two weeks.

2. Care view Anti Pollution Cotton N95 Reusable Face Mask- Care view N95 Fold Flat Dusk made with 6 layered filtration having 2 melt blown layers of 25 Gsm Each The innermost layer of the mask is hydrophilic Spun bond SSS Grade Fabric layer 25 GSM which absorbs sweat and moisture making it perfect for long wearing hours. High protection, High comfort and High efficiency high comfort with breathing Fabric.

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3. Boldfit N95 mask- it is made up with reusable activated carbon made of cotton ensures that your skin stays fresh. It is anti dusk protection mouth mask for sports running, hiking climbing and for many other purposes. This face mask gives personal protection against dust allergens fog haze and anti odor. It has 5 layers which provides you extra layer of protection against any health hazard.

4. OxiClear N99 Anti Pollution Face Mask – Oxi clear face mask are widely used in urban environments due to high levels of air pollution. It is built up with superior particle filtration technology. Which provides you maximum protection against pollen bacteria, smoke and dust? It has activated carbon filters which are infused with other compounds like magnesium dioxide and copper oxide to remove even more dangerous pollutants. The air valve is covered by a 5 layer replaceable filter and is efficient for facilitating the exit of moisture and co2 from the interior of the mask and provides comfort while wearing the mask.

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5. HEALTH SAFE 3 ply Ultra Lightweight – it has durable elastic ear loops which has extra 5mm width of loops which provides extra stretch making it comfortable for people with broad face. it has innovative high density nano fiber layer is used in Middle which gives high breath ability and filters addition dust and pollens. It is health safe 3 ply disposable surgical masks which contains a premium non woven outer filter layer which is skin friendly and sweat absorbent. It is 100% safe and protected.

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