Top Cycle pump Brands in India


Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and best form of travel which is cost effective. It requires adequate pumping to keep this vehicle going. A good cycle pump is required to ensure the cycle is ready for use. There are two types of cycle pumps, hand pumps or foot pump. Hand pumps don’t jump as high of a pressure as foot pumps and using them takes less work. Let’s discuss best cycle pumps brands available in the market.

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Best cycle pumps available in India

1. Krevia- it has aluminum alloy outer tube and high quality inner pipe, Rust proof , dust proof , durable and long service life . It is portable and ease of use. It has folding design, appearance fashion compact foldable design perfect for travelling or home use. it is convenient to carry anywhere. There is no need to stoop when you are pumping. It is multi functional, ideal to car’s tires, motorbikes, cycles, paddles bikes tyres and inflatable boats, basketball, football and air beds.

2. Rock bros- it size is mini and lightweight. With a modest dimension of 125mm and a weight of 375g, this little bike pump is made to be portable and compact. As a result, it will be simple to pack up and bring with you wherever you go. Your bag can easily accommodate it. Up to 120 Psi can be used to inflate tyres with it. It works well with other bicycle components and is appropriate for both road and mountain bikes. The two most popular types of valves used on bicycles, presta and Schrader, are both compatible with this pump. This pump is durable and reliable it is made up with high quality material to ensure durability and long lasting use. It is made up with aluminum alloy and Abs plastic materials

3. SSSG Portable air pump- its colors can be varied like silver, Red mix, Blue mix. It can be used to inflate bicycle tyre, toys, basketball, football, air balloon. It has 2 feet long air pump with 2.30 feet long pipe and made with steel.

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4. Air maker steel chrome plated foot pump- Its strong steel-plated body cylinder and multipurpose application are both features. It is perfect for trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, inflatable boats, basketballs, footballs, and airbeds. It is so simple to use that both adults and children as well as senior family members may utilize it. Because of its small size and ease of folding, you may transport it in your car with minimal room. When stepping on the air pump, the foot is more steady and less likely to slide thanks to the foot pedal’s anti-skid design, increasing safety.

5. Schrodinger mini foot pump- it is high pressure pump with flexible rubber tube and suitable for all bicycles, football, handball, car tyres up to 120 PSI pressure. It is must for all as it is very handy when there is flat puncture  away from home in remote places it is quite helpful in that kind of situation. it has aluminum alloy tube and made up with high quality plastic and rubber. It is suitable for Schrader as well as Presta bicycle tubes.

6. Strauss Air pump- This bicycle air pump may also be used to pump up water tubes, pool floats, and sports balls. It is compatible with soccer, basketball, football, and volleyball balls. This child-friendly tiny bicycle inflator is portable and lightweight for easy use. They may use it to pump up their swimming rings and bicycle tyres. It can be mounted to the bike frame behind the water bottle cage and is so small and light that it nearly seems weightless. Comfortable oversize handles and a 34 cm-long bicycle air pump are included.

7. Amazon Basics Pressure Mini Air Pump – High-quality components were used to make this pump, which is also simple to maintain. They swiftly and painlessly fill tyres. Both adults and children can use these pumps without risk. This cycle pump is constructed from high-quality materials, is simple to maintain, and has a long lifespan. It may be simply maintained and easily fills the air with pressure.

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