Top diagnostic and scan centers in India

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One of the world’s fastest-growing healthcare institutions is found in India. Additionally, the need for diagnostic facilities is increasing rapidly due to the size of the population. While there are thousands of testing facilities accessible today, the majority are inaccurate. In this article, we want to raise awareness of the finest diagnostic procedures so that readers can choose diagnostic facilities with knowledge. Lets discuss the top diagnostic and scan centers available in India

1. SRL diagnostics- The only diagnostic laboratory in India with a pan-India footprint and the biggest diagnostic laboratory company in terms of geographic reach is SRL, which was founded in 1995. In 34 states and union territories, you can find the network of laboratories and patient care locations. Their nationwide network includes more than 400 labs, 2500 patient care centers, and 5000 institutional touch places. Afghanistan, Nepal, and Dubai also have SRL laboratories. The most common tests as well as the most expensive and sophisticated genetic tests are all included in their extensive test catalogue. In addition to a wide range of health and preventive tests, SRL’s extensive test menu and test profiles are used for detection, diagnostic screening, validation, and illness tracking and prediction.

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2. Thyrocare- Thyrocare is the first completely computerized diagnostic lab in India with an emphasis on giving hospitals and labs in India and other nations high-quality services at reasonable prices. For specialised studies, Thyrocare has a Centralized Processing Laboratory (CPL) in Mumbai, India, and Regional Processing Laboratories in important Asian locations. In order to provide the customers with the finest science and technology at a competitive price, They have concentrated on powerful technologies, strong brands, and strong systems. It works 24×7 to cater the needs of the customers. it focus on clinical chemistry and preventive care diagnostics.

3. Dr Lal  Path Labs- An Indian pathology facility with NABL certification is Dr Lal PathLabs. It is one of the few Indian labs certified by ISO 9001 and recognized by the College of American Pathologists. (International Organization of Standardization). The Delhi-based business provides a huge selection of blood, pee, and other viscera exams. More than 19,000 individuals do so every day. In all of India’s main towns, this lab offers home sample collection with 100% accurate reporting.

4. Vijaya diagnostic center- One of India’s largest diagnostic networks, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited, has more than 90 diagnostic centers located all over the nation. The slogan that propels Vijaya diagnostics to the top is reliable and accurate diagnosis at a fair price. It is certified by National Accreditation Board for testing and Calibration Laboratories and provide various services like laboratory services, radiology and imaging services, cardiology services, neurology services, and gastroenterology services.

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5. Apollo diagnostics- Apollo Diagnostics is a product of the Apollo Hospitals group’s goal to offer top-notch diagnostic tests to people from all areas of life. Apollo Hospitals group is a pioneer in the healthcare system. It is recognized by Cap, NABL, and ANAB.  and offer lots of services like biochemistry, clinical pathology, hematology, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology and serology and many more.

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