Top Disinfectant sprays for making your home germ free


Disinfectant sprays are best for our home to clean various surfaces like kitchen shelves to mobile phones. To ensure maximum protection against germs for your home and your loved ones picking a reliable and trusted disinfectant that works on both hard and soft surfaces goes a long way.  Let’s discuss the best disinfectant sprays available in India to make your home germ free.

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Best disinfectant sprays available in India

1. Savlon surface disinfectant- Around your house, it may be applied to a wide range of hard and soft surfaces. With just one simple spray, it will disinfect high traffic areas including seats, doorknobs, and tables. It has a wonderful aroma and is highly adaptable. To disinfect, shake it vigorously and spray it over the surface. Without the need to wipe, it allows for air drying.

2. Dettol Disinfectant sanitizer spray- It offers total germ protection, killing 99.9% of germs and viruses, including the H1 N1 and cold viruses. The whole Indian Medical Association endorses it. It effectively cleans soft and hard surfaces, including kitchen counter tops, bathroom fixtures, and packages. It is simple to transport when travelling or at work. It has a lovely scent and exudes a light scent of spring blossoms.

3. Tri active disinfectant spray- this disinfectant spray has triple protection against virus, bacteria and germs there is no need to wipe and it can be used on a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces.  It kills 99.9% germs. It is effective on mould and fungi. It has triple action against virus, bacteria and germs.

4. Lifebuoy antibacterial germ- it is an instant germ kill spray which kills 99.9% germs bacteria and viruses.  It has refreshing fragrance and easy to carry anywhere and gives on the go protection. It is safe on skin and surfaces.  It eliminates the illness causing bacteria and viruses and comes in a spill proof packaging and guarantees 1100 sprays.

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5. Nimeasy natural disinfectant spray- ITC’s Nimeasy disinfectant and power cleaner gives protection against virus and bacteria with its neem and ajwain extracts. It is a power cleaner and removes tough and greasy soil from kitchen and adjacent surfaces. It is made up with food grade ingredients and contains neem extracts. it is to use as it does not contain alcohol , chlorine and bleach ammonia and parabens. It is suitable to spray on glass, laminated wood, stainless steel, panted metal, ceramic, granite and marble.

6. Bodyguard disinfectant sanitizer spray- it is versatile disinfectant sanitizer which is safe to use on all surfaces from car to bathroom to your kids toys. It ensures a complete protection for you and your family.  This is a multipurpose disinfectant spray is a ultimate versatile product effective on almost the hard and soft surfaces like laptops, kitchens door handles , bathroom, car seats and mattresses. It is formulated keeping in mind the different surfaces that surround us. This spray contains a distinctive formulation made with alcohol and other sanitizing agents which kill 99.9% disease causing germs and bacteria and keeping you and your family healthy.

7. Natural Life FDA approved disinfectant spray- this spray is eco friendly and contains no CFCS. it is Non alcoholic aerosol spray. It has 3 in one solution it sanitizes the areas by spraying safe on skin. It has natural fresh fragrance. It is eco friendly and comes in a packaging of 500ML.

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