Top exquisite ancient cities that one should visit if you want to travel back in time


Ancient cities of India are full of rich culture and heritage. It is a fascinating work to feel yourself immersed in the historical tales of many cities which define the culture of India beautifully. Lets discuss some top cities of ancient India and the reasons why you should visit them once in your life.

1. Varanasi- Varanasi is popularly known as city of lights or kashi. It is a sacred place on the bank of river ganga. If we talk about the history of the city it goes back over 3000 years. It is one of the favorite destination for pilgrims in India. It is a good place to visit and attraction for foreign travelers. The Ghats of Varanasi is always packed and scent of incense is noticeable all around.

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Why you should visit Varanasi

1. you can witness Ganga aarti which is a unique event to experience in a Boat.

2. you can visit temples of ancient history of 500-1000 years old.

3. You can visit Kashi Visavnath temple which is most famous to visit here.

4. Banarasi paan is very popular in the country you can enjoy banarasi paan here

5. you can shop famous banarasi sarees and hand knotted carpets from Varanasi

2. Madurai- Madurai is famous for its temples. Its history goes back to 4000 years back. Meenakshi aman temple is the most popular temple to visit over here. This temple is constructed in seventh century and well known for its architecture. It is famous for its local cuisine.

Why you should visit Madurai

1. you can visit meenakshi temple having thousand pillar hall where it is believed that lord Shiva had done dance of bliss

2. You can visit koodal Azhagar temple which is known for 108 celestial abodes of For Vishnu.

3. You can visit Gandhi museum and can witness the independence struggle.

3. Ayodhya– Ayodhya is most famous city of hindu epic Ramayana  it is best known as birthplace ofLord rama. This city is situated on the banks of river saryu it is one of the best tourist attraction place for tourists. You can visit treat ka thakur , Guptar ghat , Gulab Bari  and kanak Bhawan as famous attractions of the city.

Why you should visit Ayodhya

1. You can visit tha famous hanuman garhi temple which has 70 steps in front of the temple complex.

2. you can visit treat ke thakur temple it is the place hwre rama had done ashwamedha yagya in Ramayana.

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3. you can visit Gupt ghar where lord rama have drowned himself in a jal Samadhi.

4. Ujjain- Ujjain is a home to old and new temples and a religious spot for tourists to visit here. It is located on the bank of river shipra  and also most famous for kumbh mela . it has several historical places to visit.

Why should you visit Ujjain

1. You can visit mahakaleshwar temple which is one of 12 jyotirling and only temple having dakshin mukhi idol

2. you can bathe in holy shipra river which is very sacred river according to bhagwat purana and skanda purana.

3. you can taste delicious foods here like Dal Bati churma.

5. Patna- This city is known as pataliputra  during maurya reign now its name is patna. It is the capital of Bihar located on the southern bank of the ganges. Famous attractions close to this city are Nalanda, vaishali,Bodh gaya, pawapuri.

Why you visit patna

1. You can visit mahavir mandir here.

2. you can visit patna sahib gurdwara which is the birth place of Guru gobind singh ji

3. you can also visit patna museum which has over 20000 historical and archaeological artifacts.

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