Top Semi Automatic washing Machines you can buy under 15000


Semi automatic machines are basically the ones that have two separate tubs to clean and dry clothes A lot of people prefer semi automatic machines due to its benefits. Semi automatic machines have small duration wash cycle and consume less water compared to fully automatic machines these are lightweight and moveable. These machines does not need continue water supply this will be much helpful if you are living in a area which is having water crisis. Semi automatic machines are less expensive and their maintenance is easy let’s discuss some best semi automatic washers you can pick under Rs 15000

Top Semi Automatic Machines

1 Samsung Semi automatic WT725QPNDMPXTL

This is the most economical lowest water and energy consumption with capacity of 7.2 kg and ideal for short family. It has 2 years comprehensive warranty and 5 years warranty on motor. The drying system is quick and efficient.

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1. Lightweight and energy efficient

2. Buzzer feature which tells you when wash is done

3. Wheels allow easy movement.

4. 740 RPM speed

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2. LG Semi automatic washing machine P7020NGAZ

LG is providing best quality products at lower prices. Washing machines of LG will take lower water consumption, most economical and having excellent drying capacity. It is rated with 5 stars which show best in class efficiency. Washing machines of LG are coming with 2 years comprehensive & 5 years on motor T & C


1. 1300 RPM speed

2. Lightweight and energy efficient

3. 5 star certification which ensures best in class efficiency.

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3. Panasonic semi automatic top loading washing machine NA-W65E5ARB-

Panasonic Semi automatic machine has powerful shower over a wide area effectively washes away foam to ensure through rinsing without leaving any dirt / detergent residue. The heavy motor of this machine makes it easy to wash heavy laundry like curtains, linens and everyday clothes. it has cassette type filter traps lint  effectively at any water level and wont tear thorough lint removal even when the water is low.


1. Aqua spin rinse ensures effective washing

2. Powerful motor makes heavy laundry easily clean

3. 360 W powerful motor

4. 1350 RPM speed Higher the spin speed lower the drying time.

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4. Whirlpool Semi automatic top loading ACE SUPREME PLUS

Whirlpool washing machine has 3 wash programs (Delicate, Normal , Heavy) so that you can wash your clothes according to their variety. Maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM for superior drying of clothes

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1. Rust proof

2. spin shower which reduces detergent residue

3. Lightweight and end of cycle buzzer.

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5. LG Semi Automatic Washing Machine (P8030SRAZ)

LG washing machines are best in quality economical low water usage and energy efficient. The capacity of this washing machine is 8 kg which is suitable for large families. It has 3+1 wash programs which supports Gentle, Normal, strong and Soak. LG machines are rust free and best in class efficiency


1. 5 star energy rating

2. Lint collector

3. Rat away technology – it has thick plastic cover with rat repellent chemicals which ensures rat free washing machine.

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