Top Sling bags you can buy to stay in trend


Sling bags are in fashion today and look trendy with each outfit. It is a good choice for those who are looking for small bags to carry for their day to day requirement. If you are also looking for the best options of sling bag for women in India. Lets checkout best options available in the market. You can buy sling bag in the range of 500 to 5000 rs. it totally depends on the quality and the brand you will pick for the sling. You have to check the material of the bag and it should be lightweight, durable and have classy look.

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Best sling bags brands available in the market

1. Caprese bag- Caprese each design is crafted as a style testament to every women who wishes to announce her arrival in life. It has unique range of products which can compete with the biggest names in the industry. It offers quality bags, wallets, slings and more which you can buy without any doubt. It is made up with high quality leather which will give you a premium feel. It looks elegant and is having spacious compartment.

2. Lavie- Use Lavie bags wherever possible. It features the widest assortment of bags, ranging from chic clutch bags to tote bags. It provides a variety of requests for ladies that are appropriate for every situation. Women who desire a stylish and practical purse might consider sling bags. They come in many designs to match any outfit and are ideal for carrying all of your necessities. It is composed of synthetic leather, which has the same luxury feel as genuine leather. These bags are small and include an interior liner to keep your belongings tidy.

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3. Baggit- Baggit bags are best to carry when it comes to pick a lavish bag to pick in India. baggit range of products has a lot to offer. It is made up with premium cruelty free material. It features a zip closure and a flap to cover the zip. It has one big compartment and two packets to keep your essentials intact. it comes witan adjustable belt. It is very spacious and multiple compartments.

4. Fastrack- Fastrack was first introduced in 1998, and in 2005 it became an independent urban brand. In 2009, it expanded into the accessory market with a variety of bags, belts, and wallets. These bags are strong and lightweight, with a satchel-like form and distinctive semi-gathered features on the front. Large compartments with a zippered pocket and an open pocket are present within these purses. These slings include an adjustable belt and are ideal for casual trips.

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5. Van Heusen- it is global fashion brand and is famous for apparel, fashion accessories, underclothes and many more. It is made up with synthetic material which looks super premium. It has  a croc  pattern all over which looks more classy. These bags has huge compartment where you can carry essentials easily. It is spacious and croc pattern which will give a feeling of premium look.

6. Metro- Metro brand is founded in 1947 and one of the popular brands for Indian shoe and bag.  It has high quality products. it is made up of synthetic material which is light weight and durable. These bags have a zip closure and a magnetic closure. These bags are quite durable and detachable strap

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