Transfer your chat easily from Whats app to Telegram;Check How


Telegram is a messaging app which is a good substitude for is a cloud based App.Due to the Whatsapp privacy policy many users are swiching to telegram from whatsapp and many of us want to transfer our individual and group chats also to telegram. There are some easy steps underlined to follow to transfer your chats easily from whatsapp to telegram.

1. First of all you have to open whats app on your Smartphone.

2. Now you have to open the chat which want to transfer to telegram.

3. Now click on the three dot menu  which is placed nearly at the top right corner of the your chat window.

4. There will be a drop down window and you have to click more.

5. After that you have click on Export Option.

6. Now the App automatically ask you if you want to include media files in chat can select yes or no according to your requirement.

7. After that you will notice a share menu and you have to click on telegram to start the process.

8. When you will tap the telegram menu the cloud based app will open and ask you to select the chat in which you want to see the whatsapp chat.

10.Now you can select the chat and then click on Import and this will transfer your selected Whats app chat to Android.

While transferring the chat from whats app to telegram it is important to take care of that you have to export chats individually and you can also transfer chats of whats app groups.messages will be imported as current day chats and will not show you the exact and original time slots. There is worry of incorrect dates and times of your chats. Secondly all the members of the chat on telegram will see the messages.while transferring messages and media files from whats app to telegram it don’t occupy extra the good news about transferring the message is that the chats gets exported for both and the person with whom you were chatting earlier on whats app. So if you are also interested to transfer your chats from Whats app to Telegram you can easily do that.

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